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Radio 1 DJ Sara Cox Forced To Apologise To Deaf Followers Over Subtitle Tweets

July 21, 2011

RADIO 1 DJ Sara Cox has been forced to apologise for moaning about film subtitles for the deaf.

The ex-ladette went to see comedy Bridesmaids with her boyfriend and was annoyed to find it had captions for the hard of hearing.

Sara, 36, fired off rants on Twitter – and even branded deaf people who were offended by them “gobsh***s”.

The mum of three tweeted: “How daft is this? I’m at flicks & bridesmaids is gonna have subtitles. I morphed into my dad & asked if we got any money off. If I was wearing specs I could’ve put a strip of black gaffer tape across the bottom to block them out.”

Followers called her “disgusting”, saying she should check listings before going to the cinema. But Cox hit back: “For all you gobsh***s we checked online & it didn’t mention it.”

She later deleted the offending tweet, adding: “Sorry my random musings might sometimes not be thought thru.”

But one of her deaf online followers wrote: “Get some respect and realise how lucky you are to HEAR!

Another said: “I find it very difficult to find subtitled films at cinemas. We’re not second-rate citizens.”

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