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She Is…

April 24, 2012

Well, readers, I did watch yesterday’s Panorama. It reminded me strongly of an original poem I wrote several years ago:

She Is


To you

She is

A mouth to feed

A form to fill

A file to read

The one sitting still

In a filled bed, or a chair on wheels.

You would never believe that she longs to wear high heels…


She is your statistic

Your percentage

Your number

Your target

Your aim

Your nine o’clock

You are just objective…

To you… she is just an object.


To us

She is

The daughter of who we dreamed

The baby girl who screamed

The much loved sister

Whose only fault is that

She can’t play Had! Or Twister

The treasured friend

Whose love will never end.

The much loved wife

Who promised love for life.

The favourite aunt

Who gave the favourite potted plant.

The mother like no other

Who loved one son and then his brother.


She is a member of our family

A part of our lives

We know her feelings, her hopes and her dreams.

We know her favourite colour, song and football teams.

To us… she is… a person.

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