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Disabled People Need A Louder Voice In Parliament

September 11, 2012

Says Frances Ryan. I agree with her. I wish the Minister For Disabled People was a disabled person, at least.

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  1. John Hargrave permalink
    September 11, 2012 6:10 pm

    Francis Ryan has hit the nail on the head. Disabled People have very little representation in Parliament, yet there must be many disabled people who could do the job with support. The MP’s who are disabled are now getting on in years, so where is the young blood, where are the disabled people who study Politics at University? I suggest there must be quite a few, but they don’t seem to want to follow a political career. Perhaps it is the barriers that put them off. So why don’t our current crop of MP’s sponsor them, guide them and help them to get ahead? Their ambitions must be catered for and career paths could be vital, but I can see the end result of many more disabled people in government. Perhaps sheer bloody mindedness is a factor for success.


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