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Disability References In David Cameron’s #cpc12 Speech

October 10, 2012

He also thanked the 2012 Paralympians for all they have done, because when he used to push Ivan in his wheelchair, he felt that too many people saw the wheelchair and not the boy. Now, he says, he feels like more people would see the boy and not the wheelchair.

Is he for real? Doesn’t he remember being booed when he went to present Ellie Simmonds’ medal?

He may not see wheelchairs when he looks at disabled people, but he and his Government look at us and see scroungers and statistics. To them, cutting the benefits we need to survive is the most obvious way to save money. 

That, in my eyes, makes him one of those who see disabilities before seeing people.

And he has mentioned his father’s disability. His father, he says, was a ‘glass half full’ person- usually with something alcoholic in it.

Well Sir, disabled people today want you to know that  our glasses are half empty. We can’t afford alcohol. Why? Because of your government’s policies of disability benefit cuts. 

What are you thinking?

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