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Police ‘In Dialogue’ With Stoke Mandeville Hospital Over Jimmy Savile Investigation

October 10, 2012

Late last week, I watched Exposure: The Other Side of Jimmy Savile. Like the rest of the UK, I felt sad, shocked and sick listening to the women making the allegations of abuse against Jimmy Savile.

I’m too young to have watched Jim’ll Fix It, but when Savile passed away late last year, I did read with interest about his long association with Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and the charity work he did to support the birthplace of the Paralympic Games. I’m now ashamed to admit that when I learnt about this charity work, my first thought was what a nice person Savile must have been, to have used his fame and fortune to support disabled people.

Last week, my opinion of Savile changed in the space of a 45 minute documentary, as it emerged that in actual fact, he had been using his fame and fortune to sexually abuse innocent young girls. Girls who looked up to him as a celebrity, but more importantly, as an adult. An adult who was meant to make their dreams come true was, behind the scenes, giving them nightmares.

I wasn’t going to write about Jimmy Savile here. Last night, however, I learnt something that, very sadly, does not surprise me, considering everything else I have heard about Savile over the last few days.

The police are ‘in dialogue’ with Stoke Mandeville Hospital over their investigation into the allegations against Savile.

Yesterday’s Guardian reports that Savile had his own room at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, and that he stayed there ‘frequently.’

There appears to be a strong possibility that Savile abused disabled women and young girls at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

No one came forward to make allegations against Savile in his lifetime. He was so famous, so loved, and so respected that had anyone come forward, it is doubtful that anything they said would have been taken seriously.

Had any disabled women or girls come forward to make such allegations, considering the way disabled people were thought about at that time, they are even less likely to have been believed or taken seriously than anyone else.

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  1. October 11, 2012 8:52 pm

    Having sex with fans (groupies) was all part of the pop scene and was accepted. As for underage girls, nobody was really bothered. When no-one in authourity was bothered, it escalated. That’s the situation we had.

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