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Panorama- Winterbourne View: The Hospital That Stopped Caring

October 16, 2012

I have just read in today’s Society Daily that the BBC will run a follow-up to the Panorama programme on Winterbourne View at 8.30pm on 29 October on BBC1.

BBC Panorama exposed the abuse of vulnerable people at Winterbourne View private hospital in Bristol – and shocked the nation. Tonight, as the last abusers have been sentenced, BBC Panorama can reveal exclusive daily care logs from inside the hospital, never before shown secret footage and evidence of possible mistreatment at another hospital.

It is the untold story of some of the patients who faced the worst abuse at Winterbourne View.

There are allegations a number of patients from Winterbourne View have been assaulted at other hospitals and BBC Panorama follows their troubling journey.

Panorama answers some of the questions which Castlebeck, the owners of Winterbourne View, haven’t answered: including details about the high fees charged for some patients, even while costs were being cut. The film exposes significant failures in the management of the hospital and its training regime that contributed to the culture of abuse.

National and regional enquiries have examined the abuse at Winterbourne View but still, tonight, Panorama asks whether the patients from Winterbourne View are safe now and whether the most vulnerable people in society are really being protected.

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