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UKIP Foster Parents: Man ‘Works With Disabled People’

November 24, 2012

Dear readers and friends, disability is everywhere! There is a disability link, however small, behind every mainstream headline.

In the case of the foster parents who have had their foster children taken away because they reportedly belong to the UK Independence Party, the Telegraph reports that the man ‘works with disabled people.’

The case is being discussed on all sides of politics. Nigel Farage, leader of UKIP, is unsurprisingly upset. Perhaps more surprisingly, Michael Gove, Conservative Education Secretary, disagrees with the council’s decision to remove the children, and Labour leader Ed Miliband has called for an urgent investigation into it.

I, personally, certainly disagree with the council’s decision. The children, unlike the foster parents, are  “not indigenous white British.” The council had concerns because of UKIP’s immigration policy.

However, surely the foster parents knew from the start that the children were from an ethnic minority. I have heard arguments for children being placed with families of the same ethnic and religious origin. While these make perfect sense to me, sadly there are not enough ethnic minority foster carers or adoptive parents registered.

The couple are stable in life, experienced as foster parents. They even reportedly took steps to meet the children’s cultural needs, including finding a suitable faith school for them and allowing them to speak their own language.

I strongly agree with the many who are saying that political views have nothing to do with people’s ability to care for children. As long as parents allow children to develop their own political views, this should never be brought in to any parent/child relationship. Foster placements, as far as I know, are usually short term and these children appear to be too young to think about politics at the moment, anyway. This couple can provide everything the children are looking for in life right now. Surely that’s all that really matters?

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  1. November 24, 2012 2:19 pm

    We actually don’t know the full story behind this incident. It sounds like an old-fashioned, 1980s “loony left Labour council” horror story, a bit like the “childminders have to dress white kids in saris” fiction from a few years ago. Unusually the council have spoken up — usually they cannot, and so anyone faced with a story about a child wrongly taken into care only has one side of the story. They said that the placement was an emergency placement and the withdrawal of the kids from their care was planned, not a sudden, spur-of-the-moment decision. Also, the council had previously been criticised for failing to maintain children’s cultural links while in care and so they were unsurprisingly wary of keeping children with foster parents who oppose those children, and their family, being in the country.

    The way the press has been going on, you would think the couple had had their own children taken into care for being members of UKIP — in fact, they are foster children who had only been with them two months. UKIP does have a racist underbelly, including an observed (but undeclared) non-competition pact with the BNP, and we do not know the views of this couple — of course, they say they are not racist and even have mixed-race family members, but a lot of people are not racist towards established ethnic minorities (like Blacks) but definitely are when it comes to more recent arrivals who are blamed for taking jobs (like eastern Europeans and especially Roma) and to religious minorities that “won’t integrate” (like Muslims).

    Also, there has been a challenge by the Slovakian government to some children from their country being taken into care in the UK for as yet unknown reasons, as Christopher Booker has been highlighting in his Sunday Telegraph column. These may or may not be the children involved, but they are likely very keen to involve an international incident by fostering eastern European children with foster carers who belong to a party with an established history of hostility to eastern Europeans.


  1. What don’t we know about the UKIP fostering case? | Indigo Jo Blogs

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