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Save Parkwood Farms Therapy Center For Autistic Kids

December 12, 2012

An email I’ve just recieved from

I started a therapy center for children with special needs because of my son, Julian. Julian has autism. When he was a baby, Julian was so withdrawn that he wouldn’t even eat.

Horseback riding therapy changed Julian’s life, and mine too — so much so that I decided to sell my house and build a therapy center to help children who were struggling like Julian. More than 40 children with special needs come to Parkwood Farms Therapy Center to learn and grow by working with and riding horses — but I could be forced to shut down my home and the therapy center because the bank is threatening me with eviction.

I was making all my mortgage payments until my bank sold my loan and my bills skyrocketed. Every three months, the rates increased until my monthly payments were double what they used to be. 

I need to stop this now — not just for me, but for the kids who need this therapy center. I started a petition on asking HSBC Bank to stop my eviction and work with me to modify my loan. Will you sign?

I’m so glad I opened the horseback riding therapy center: every day I see kids opening up, connecting with the horses, learning to communicate, and so much more. I can’t tell you how rewarding it is to help parents like me, who wanted to help their children but didn’t know how. For some kids, working with animals is the key to helping them open up and relate to the world.

I’ve been trying to negotiate to get my payments back down, but after following the bank’s instructions for two years, my credit has been damaged and I’m facing eviction. 

I don’t want to shut this center down. People in my community need it. That’s why the mayor and the entire city council came out to the center this month and gave speeches in support of Parkwood Farms. But I need your help too to put more pressure on the bank to negotiate with me. I know that petitions have helped push banks to meet with other homeowners facing foreclosure, and if enough people sign my petition, I’m confident that HSBC will follow suit.

Please help me save Parkwood Farms Therapy Center: Sign my petition to HSBC Bank now.

Thank you so much for your help.

Dr. Marilyn Peterson

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