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Benefit Claimants Should Be Banned From Buying Alcohol Or Cigarrettes Or Watching Sky TV Says Tory MP

December 18, 2012

Benefits claimants should be banned from spending their state handouts on cigarettes and booze, a Tory MP has controversially claimed.

Alec Shelbrooke told the Commons those receiving payments should be given a welfare card which would work like a chip and pin debit card. But crucially it would not work if claimants tried to use it buy alcohol and cigarettes, he said.

Mr Shelbrooke, the MP for Elmet and Rothwell, said the plan would end the “damaging perception” that those who claimed benefits were scroungers, sponging off the state.

Proposing his Welfare Cash Card Bill in the Commons, Mr Shelbrooke said the changes would “encourage responsible spending” among claimants, adding it would ensure taxpayers’ money was spent “wisely” and “for the purpose for which it was intended”.

He said: “This would alter the spending habits of a minority, who prefer to take advantage of the system, getting something for nothing.

“The something for nothing culture encouraged by the previous Labour government created a two-tier benefits system where striving low-paid workers have been penalised for the idleness of the shirkers.

“This Bill works alongside the Government’s welfare reforms to support those hard-working families who strive to be self-supporting by ending the something-for-nothing stigma of the welfare system.

“Introducing a welfare cash card on which benefits will be paid, claimants will only be able to make priority payments such as food, clothing, energy, travel and housing. The purchase of luxury goods such as cigarettes, alcohol, Sky television and gambling will be prohibited.

“When hard-working families up and down the country are forced to cut back on such non-essential, desirable, or neg items as I have called them, it is right that taxpayer benefits be only used for essential purposes.”

These political types do talk some rubbish, don’t they readers? I’d be lost without Sky TV! How would he feel if someone asked him to live the way he is proposing we should?

I’d like to remind him that some benefit claimants claim through absolutely no fault of their own. Benefit claimants are human, too, and every human being deserves some pleasure in their life. If that pleasure comes from Sky TV, then so be it.

When I told my mum about this moment of madness, she reminded me that carers are also benefit claimants. Carers work very hard 24/7. As I’ve said before, I think their benefit is too low, if anything. Why should they not use Carer’s Allowance for anything they wish?

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  1. John Hargrave permalink
    December 19, 2012 5:45 am

    Yes, the Tories do spout some rubbish. To suggest people can’t watch Sky TV, or have a tipple or a smoke is another stupid and ridiculous statement from another MP who has not even bothered to see how we live our lives. This is still a ‘free country’ (I think) and the well being of people, and they way they want to live their lives is a matter for themselves, not the state. The Tories would have us become Zombies who do everything they say. Well I have news for them – I will not play their stupid games. I have a life and I will live it my way.

  2. December 19, 2012 12:41 pm

    Mr Shelbrooke in bringing this bill seems to be totally oblivious of the fact that many many benefit claimants are on benefits through no blame of themselves through ill health, redundancy or due to the global recession meaning that there are no jobs available for the young.
    Does he intend to monitor everyone receiving state hand outs, all benefits by other names, which surely includes the biggest abuse of state help recently that of MP’s expenses. This enormous abuse of state help is still having ramifications. Should everyone receiving child or working tax benefits be included too, also affecting workers and people on good incomes or is this proposal merely to control the poor and least able to fight back. Apparently Mr Shelbrook can watch his sky tv because he claims for it on mp’s expenses ie he is using state benefits in the same manner that he is trying to stop the poor, what a hypocrite!! Apparently he claims over £38,000 a year in expenses and this does not include his use of the subsidised house of commons bar. So it’s OK for him to use his benefits in ah irresponsible way because he has plenty of money but those who get much lower benefits should be curtailed!!!!!
    How is it to be monitored? Is he proposing that people on benefits are no longer allowed to carry cash? How can this be stopped we do not yet live in a society that is cashless and it is the poor who more than anyone should carry cash, rather than use credit/debit cards, so that they only spend what they have. Unless benefit claimaints are prevented from carrying cash, and thus an easy means of budgeting, they will be able to use the cash to buy alcohol and cigarettes anyway! Unless of course Mr Shelbrooke’s idea is to put all benefit claimaints into prisons or workhouses where their food, clothes etc are brought to them and they are not allowed to go shopping themselves.

  3. Aaron Temple permalink
    December 21, 2012 1:23 am

    This is straight out of Nazi Germany! Demonise the disabled, the mentally ill, the poor, the unemployed! Hundreds of thousands of decent benefit claimants paying for the abuse by a few chavs! What next camps? Appalling! I used to vote Tory! Not any longre! Disgusting opportunism. Wait for April 2013, when the economy collapses- it will! Then those smug fools who think the average Benefits Scrounger is committing fraud may finally realise as they lose their jobs, what reality is! Utterly irresponsible. I have always worked and paid my way! Yet am now forced to live with state help!

  4. February 12, 2013 5:52 pm

    it’s worth considering that DLA& PIP! are benefits paid to cover the extra costs of disability!!
    I’m afraid to say that red-wine&sky tv!
    are one of those extra costs I need
    also on all forms and fact-sheets it’s stated you can spend the money on what you choose!
    how dare they try to dictate the way you spend your benefits!
    human-rights here we come*
    I’m fed-up with this nasty party!!


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