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Peter Oborne In The Telegraph On DLA And DLA Reforms

April 4, 2013

To cut a long pile of scribble short, here’s something the Telegraph published yesterday:

On Monday, the disability living allowance – for so long a charter for deceit and recipe for state-sponsored idleness – will be replaced by a far more humane and realistic system.

The scribbler of that nonsense was Peter Oborne.

Sir, DLA claimants are neither lazy nor idle. We do not choose to be disabled. We do not choose to claim benefits. We do not choose not to work.

And by the way, Sir, in my personal opinion, the new system, PIP, will be neither humane nor realistic.

Disability campaigner @latentexistence is running a hashtag, #DLASurvey, in response asking disabled people what we spend our DLA on. Readers, please read it, and then tell me we don’t need DLA.

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