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No One Should Have A Gun License- Especially Not Blind People

September 11, 2013

A few years ago, I lost a close family member to a gun that was used for no reason.

I came away from that very painful experience with a very strong hatred of guns. I feel very strongly against gun licenses. I feel very strongly that America’s gun laws should be changed. I feel very strongly that no one, in America or anywhere, should be legally allowed to own a gun.

Until now, I’ve never had any reason to write this here.

Today, however, I have learnt that some US states allow blind people to hold gun licenses and legally own guns. Readers, I feel very strongly that if there should be any minimum requirement for owning a gun, it should be full eyesight.

Some disability rights campaigners may disagree with my view. Some disability rights campaigners may say that blind people have a right to do, to own, anything they wish.

Readers, in most cases, I would fully agree that blind people, that all disabled people, have every right to do, and to own, anything they wish.

However, there is something else that I have always felt very strongly about. That is, that in doing anything they wish to do, all disabled people should know their own limits. I have always felt very strongly that disabled people should never try to use equal rights or disability rights as an excuse to do something that puts themselves, or anyone else, in serious danger.

When I heard that blind people are allowed to hold gun licenses in some states, my mind instantly filled with ‘what if’s.’ Very dangerous ‘what if’s.’

The Guardian mentions a case of a blind man whose guns were confiscated after he accidentally shot himself in the leg. Last year, this man won a legal battle to keep and shoot guns.

I sincerely hope that he did not do himself any serious harm in that particular incident. However, it could have been so much worse.

What if a blind person using a gun accidentally shot another person dead? What if they accidentally shot themselves dead? I, for one, think that would be really tragic.

My personal opinion is that America’s second amendment law needs to change for everyone. However, if that can’t happen, then at the very least, the states that allow blind people to own and carry guns really need to change that law.

I  strongly disagree with Ian Macrae, editor of Disability Now, who feels it should not be society’s job to say that blind or disabled people should be excluded from doing something because it is too dangerous.

Guns are not cars- guns cannot be adapted to meet the needs of disabled people.

I feel very strongly that there are some times when disabled people must accept that there are things they can’t do because, quite simply, it would be too dangerous. As sad as some may feel about this, for blind people, gun ownership is one of those things.

If blind people find it too difficult to understand and accept that they cannot do certain things because of extremely high levels of danger to themselves or others, then in matters of life or death such as gun ownership, I feel  very strongly that society should step in and stop them through a law of exclusion.

The consequences of not having such a law could potentially be far too serious to even think about. There would be no return from death, so it is not a chance that should be taken.

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  1. September 11, 2013 1:17 pm

    guns should only be in the possession to those who need them for their line of work only and nobody else pure and simple

    As for a blind man needing a gun is just madness

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