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Are Manchester ATOS Trying To ‘Help’ You Fail Assessments?

October 1, 2013

Spotted on Facebook. As they ask, I am wondering if someone in Manchester can confirm. So please share share share.

Paul Somethingtobe Barnard
ATOS Latest:
This is a possible ploy to help you fail the ATOS medical: At Manchester assessment centre Albert Square, just outside the car park at the fronot of the ATOS building there is a man who has been reported to be asking people for directions, he seems to be asking those with crutches etc who clearly are going into the building for a medical assessment. When he asks, he appears to be watching you for eye contact etc. We suggest that this MAY be a ploy to get you to chat to a stranger, and therefore fail the descriptors 6 & 7 on communication and understanding others. We may be wrong but we do know that in the Manchester ATOS waiting room theres a 50p stuck to floor to trick you to see if you can bend down and pick it up ok therefore showing your manual dexterity. Doing these things once in our opinion, by no means mean you are fit for work but thats the assumption ATOS make and we know the tests are flawed and not fit for purpose as 70% of the assessors decisions are turned over in court.

Also the assessors are receiving incentives to find you fit for work which are not removed if you appeal their decision, so its in their best interest to fail as many as possible. The government revealed that the quality of reports written by Atos assessors had fallen to “unacceptably poor” levels. so there is a major recognised problem, yet STILL they are using these dirty tricks, its entrapment gone crazy! Michelle CAN ANYONE FROM THE MANCHESTER AREA SHED ANY LIGHT ON THE ABOVE… (Posted by Paul Somethingtobe Bernard)

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  1. Angela permalink
    October 1, 2013 10:21 am

    I have been to Albert Bridge house about half a dozen times and have never seen 50p stuck to the floor. I haven’t been recently so can not say if the man asking for directions is true or not. Might be worth someone, or several people in fact, going there and checking. I have to say I found the people who I dealt with very nice and not underhand at all,

  2. christina evans permalink
    October 1, 2013 12:32 pm

    dont know about the 50p ,but as for someone engaging in conversation sounds credible,might be a reporter.some years ago,a man who was a wheelchair user had the press doing a story,if you could call it that. the man used a chair but could also walk a bit,they called round his house,and he opened the door standing up.the paper actually ran a piece about this,saying he had been seen standing up in other places. it was like the paper was saying if you are a wheelchair user,if you are seen not in chair and standing up you are committing fraud. at the moment there is a lot of reporting adversely about disabled and sick,it will get a lot worse,I fear.I have had a lot of negativity from people who are just short of been hostile.

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