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Disabled Child And Parent Carers Called Scroungers By Tabloid Newspaper Because He Has 11 Siblings

October 10, 2013

There’s a headline an’ a half for you, Sunshine!

Readers, the real headline is:

sun front page 10 oct

The article is:

A JOBLESS couple expecting their 13th child are to have their taxpayer-funded home doubled in size, after council chiefs agreed to knock through into the house next door.

The £6,000 plan to create a six-bedroom “superhome” for Tim Fisk and Mandy Ball — who receive more than £52,500 a year in taxpayer handouts — has enraged neighbours on their estate in Ipswich.

Ninety-one locals have signed a petition opposing the scheme to cater for the growing family.

‘If I want to have 50 kids that’s my decision’ … jobless Tim Fisk has to look after his partner and teenage son

But Tim, 44 — who with Mandy receives more than £52,500 a year in taxpayer handouts — called the work “the right thing” for his growing family. He said: “We love our kids and they love us. How many we have is up to us and no one else’s business.

“Everyone has the right to decide how many children they can have. If I wanted 50 children, that is my decision.

“We’re sick of living cramped up in this little house. Having them knock it through to next door is better than us having to move.

“It’s the right thing for us. I can’t see any other answer. Who has got the right to tell me what to do? Why should anyone stick their noses into other people’s business?”

The move will convert the pair of terraced council houses, each worth around £125,000, into a single giant six-bedroom residence — complete with two bathrooms.

The operation to knock down the internal walls separating the properties is expected to be finished by Christmas. Tim claimed he and 41-year-old Mandy kept having babies as it helped with her DEPRESSION.

He explained: “She’s got an emotional hole that can only be filled with more children.”

Tim said he was previously a security guard and fencing contractor, but can no longer work as he is a full-time carer for Mandy and son Daniel, 14, who is blind in one eye and has learning difficulties.

Also sharing their Ipswich home are Sadie, 16, Lauren, 13, Callum, 12, Kyle, ten, Elektra-Mae, five, Serenity, four, Jayden, three, Starlight, two, and Neatheus, 11 months. Daughter Charlie, 21, now lives with her boyfriend and has two children of her own. The couple’s remaining child, daughter Ashleigh, 18, no longer lives at home.

Daniel does not go to school and the authorities are now battling to get him back into education.

Tim said: “People round here say he’s a thug and a vandal, but I know he’s not like that. He can’t go to school because he’ll be bullied. All my kids get bullied by people round here. The neighbours call them skanks and scumbags.

“We don’t socialise with anyone outside the family. We don’t need to. We keep the curtains closed to stop Peeping Toms looking in — and I’ve put up CCTV cameras.”

Tim branded neighbours who criticised the conversion “jealous”.

Speaking about his benefit income, he said: “We struggle to make ends meet, but we get by.”

When The Sun visited the Fisk home yesterday, we found a 42in plasma telly in the living room, complete with sound system, satellite TV, two Xbox 360s, two computers, designer clothes and numerous smartphones and tablets.

Tim said he allows his children to have mobiles as a treat. Lauren had an iPhone 4S until recently when she dropped it down the loo.

Labour-run Ipswich Borough Council suggested enlarging the family’s home after their neighbours left three months ago.

A spokesman said: “This is a very unusual situation and not something we’d normally contemplate.

“But, having reviewed all the options, we believe that this is the most cost-effective option to find a solution to this family’s needs.

“The alterations can be reversed. We have only one six-bedroom house in our stock. We have completed structural surveys and will start work soon.”

But one fuming neighbour said he and others were “fed up” with the family and the plans.

The man, who asked not to be named, said: “They’ve been here seven years and had a new child every year.

“Imagine the amount of benefits they must be on — and now they’re giving them a mansion. It’s disgusting.

“The language that comes out of that garden in the summer is unbelievable, the parents shouting at the kids, and kids shouting back.

“It’s horrendous. This plan is a total waste of taxpayers’ money. She walks round like she’s the Queen of England, so God knows what she’ll be like when it’s done.”

Ipswich Tory MP Ben Gummer said the decision would “concern” taxpayers. He said: “It shows why we must continue with benefit reforms to ensure people only take on responsibilities they can afford.

“The people who are paying these bills are taxpayers.”

Yet Councillor Jim Powell, who represents the local Bridge council ward, backed the council plan.

He said: “They would have looked at the situation very carefully before coming to that decision.”

Last night the woman who organised the petition claimed she had nothing against the family.

She said: “The petition was just against the principle of the council knocking two homes into one and depriving another family of council accommodation. It was nothing personal.”

What a habit they’re making of sensationalist headlines about us lot!!

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  1. s rye permalink
    October 11, 2013 12:15 am

    whatever happened to the government capping the benefit income? does this not apply to this family?

  2. October 12, 2013 1:08 pm

    if anyone in the family recieves health benefits because of disability,they are exempt from the though the sun and media will make out there are lots of disabled jobless having loads of kids.lets face it the government want to strip disabled and sick people because they are paid health benefits to cover the extre cost of disability.the disabled are already been affected though.also did this man go to the sun or did one of the neighbours go to the papers.if it was the latter,I would want to take the paper to court,I feel sorry for the children,there lives are going to be made hell,everyone is entitled to the right to enjoy life and respect to privacy.

  3. May 24, 2014 10:45 pm

    neighbours whent to papers.

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