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ATOS Miracles Want YOUR Stories

October 11, 2013

From the Welfare News Service:

Across Britain there is a wave of anger spreading at the lengthy and intricate bureaucracy of the Department of Works and Pensions (D.W.P), ATOS Healthcare and the Tribunals who assess people claiming sickness benefits.

Tens of thousands of people with substantial health problems such as cancer, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal problems and other physical or mental health problems are expected to ‘prove’ that they are unfit for work, which might sound like an easy enough task- such as obtaining hospital and doctor letters and medical results, and then submitting the medical results to the Department of Works and Pensions.

The truth is that medical results and recommendations from the medical profession to abstain from work are greatly ignored by the Department of Works and Pensions, and as you read further into this article you will learn about the way that three separate departments, (two of which are Government run) collaborate and use very unfair assessment procedures to cut genuinely ill people off sickness benefits.

1. In the year 2010 I was assessed by an ATOS Healthcare practitioner for the first time. I provided the ATOS Healthcare practitioner with my C.T and M.R.I spinal scan results. Most of my main physical problems and other medical reports were correctly noted by the ATOS Healthcare practitioner in 2010, and acknowledged by the Department of Works and Pensions. I won my first Tribunals appeal and sickness benefits were reinstated.

In the year 2011 however, my mental health conditions and some physical problems were not noted by the ATOS medical practitioner during the work-capabilty-assessment (WCA) medical examination. I later compared an audio recording of that ATOS medical examination with the written ATOS report, and noticed that during the interview I emotionally broke down, but the ATOS medical examiner wrote that I had ‘coped well during interview’.

2. A person is not able to read their ATOS Healthcare medical report until the Department of Works and Pensions (D.W.P) has read the report and made a decision on benefit entitlement. Therefore, it was impossible to verify if the ATOS medical examiner had included my main supporting arguments in the medical report before the Department of Works and Pensions made a decision on my benefit.

3. The Tribunals (now part of H.M Courts) are the Government body responsible for benefits appeals. A person will often have to wait many months before a Tribunals hearing is scheduled. The lower-Tribunals Judge and Tribunals-appointed doctor receive the ATOS Healthcare medical report and decide whether to overturn the Department of Works and Pensions decision. If the Tribunals turn down the appeal then the second option is to appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

A district Judge decides whether to allow the appeal to continue to the Upper tribunal and in my case the district Judge decided that I was not allowed to appeal to the Upper Tribunal, which means I have no other options available but private legal action, which I cannot afford. A person’s ATOS Healthcare medical report is pointless if a person is blocked from challenging their appeal in the Upper Tribunal by a district Judge.

4. The physical actions of bending or kneeling were removed from the Department of Works and Pensions assessment scoring procedure in the year 2012. ATOS Healthcare work-capability-assessments are pointless until all disabilities are recognized within the work-capability-assessment, and a person with spinal, hip or knee problems who cannot bend, crouch or kneel will not receive a fair assessment from the Tribunals because of the removal of consideration for bending/crouching or kneeling.

5. In the year 2013 the Government removed free legal aid funding for the unemployed, and thus many people cut off benefits will not be able to seek free legal help to fight the Tribunals appeal. Many people are physically or mentally unable to prepare for a Court-style Tribunals appeal hearing. The Tribunals appeal procedure can carry on for many months, with the benefit recipient enduring the prospect of losing their income during those months.

6. I lost my Tribunals appeal of 2012, and my sickness benefits were stopped. I could not re-apply for the same sickness benefit due to a D.W.P ruling which states that a person cannot apply for sickness benefits for the same condition if the person has lost a Tribunals appeal, but the person can re-apply for sickness benefits if the condition has worsened or if the person has developed a new medical problem, but only after one month has passed from losing a Tribunals appeal.

Under these rules I was allowed to re-apply for ESA benefits after 4 weeks because I was diagnosed with a hip problem, which means I will have to be ‘assessed’ by ATOS Healthcare again. The ATOS/DWP/Tribunals assessment and appeals process repeats itself at this point.


It’s time for truth at the tables. It means all cards must be shown. No lies. No corrupt trickery should be allowed, but the DWP, ATOS Healthcare and [Social Security] Tribunals try every trick in the book to cut that person off sickness benefits, by ignoring the medical truth and opinions or advice of the claimant’s usual doctor. I trust that my doctor’s diagnosis and hospital results are correct. I do not trust opinions of the Department of Works and Pensions or the Tribunals in regards to my ability to perform work, because of the lack of credibility those parties have in the medical profession.

Less than one percent of sickness benefits are fraudulent, so why does Britain have three departments assessing just one person with such a lengthy and scrutinising claim process?

People have become puppets for the DWP, ATOS Healthcare and the Tribunals to push around – behind closed doors.

The D.W.P and the Tribunals should not have the ability to supersede the opinions or advice of the benefit claimant’s general practitioner or medical professional who have often had many years of consultations with the benefit claimant.

People are suffering or dying of serious illnesses while fighting for benefits, and the odds are stacked against them.

Prime Minister David Cameron said recently that his party ‘stands for the hard-working people in society’. Perhaps now people in the Conservative political party should stand against the bloated and bureaucratic mess of the sickness benefits assessment process?

The United Nations & Welfare Cuts in Britain:

A division of the United Nations has now been given the task of addressing the welfare cuts in Britain, and how it is affecting people. If you have lost some or all of your ESA/DLA benefits then this is your chance to say how it affects you.


A Facebook group called ‘ATOS MIRACLES’ is currently asking people to send letters of experiences with ATOS Healthcare to the following email address :

Your letters will be sent to the United Nations department who will assess your complaints and opinions.

**Facebook Groups for ESA/DLA claimants in Britain**

‘ATOS MIRACLES’ on Facebook

‘The People Vs The Government, DWP and Atos’ on Facebook

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  1. Beth permalink
    October 11, 2013 6:18 am

    Pleease share this site to everyone on your page and Email. Don’t tag my name or anything. Please try to send it around as much as you can and tell others to send it as well. My family made this for me.
    If you can’t donate that is fine, as long as people can get this sent around /

  2. scott permalink
    October 11, 2013 2:55 pm

    I had a medical report by atos arrive last Saturday-it left me suicidal due to the lies in it and stated my illness fibromyalgia and cfs werr unlikely to have any effect on my physical or mental health absolute lies

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