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WOWPetition’s Change.Org Petition For A Full Debate In The Commons

December 5, 2013

From Please sign and lets see if we can get this petition recognised by the site and sent viral.

Do you care how Sick and Disabled People get treated by the government?

The WOWpetition has received over 100,000 electronic signatures on an e-petition and was yesterday granted a debate by the House Of Commons Backbench Business Committee. The issue of whether this is to be a Full debate in the Main Chamber at the House of Commons or a Partial debate at the secondary venue of Westminster Hall is yet to be decided.

If you want a briefing on the issues have a look at WOWpetition – Contact Your MP – We need your Help! 

MPs yesterday made it clear that the WOWpetition is known throughout Parliament as a very successful campaign, which addresses very relevant and substantial issues concerning the way this country treats sick and disabled people and that these issues were deserving of a full debate in the Main Chamber of the House of Commons.

Please contact your MP and petition them that the WOWpetition be granted a full debate in the main chamber of the House of Commons (you can locate your MP using They Work for You) and sign this petition so that the Backbench Business Committee are aware of the level of public support for a full debate of the The WOWpetition in the Main Chamber at the House of Commons.

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