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Link For IDS At WP Committee

December 9, 2013

IDS will appear in front of the Work and Pensions Committee at 4.30pm today. This will not be on ‘normal’ TV but if it interests you, you can watch it live here from 4.30pm.

The BBC are covering the story as I type!

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  1. December 9, 2013 8:51 pm

    Renowed Liar ID Smith showed nothing but contempt for being grilled before the Parliamentary Committee over Universal Credit .Backed by three others to totally muddy the waters one included ex banker Freud who basically repeated the same waffle in another context .
    Glenda Jackson asked the most poignant questions concerning the treatment of claimants which were either dismissed or evaded .
    The DWP entourage passing from one to another reiterated the same basic message about UC has had hiccups but has been salvaged and will be on track for 2017 .
    Smith blamed Shapps the internet fraudster for issuing statements that did not have DWP approval about dodgy statistics purporting that many claimants had ceased claiming when UC was announced because they were not genuine in the first place .He also blamed Grayling at the Justice Ministry for publishing Statistics not in sync with theirs .
    Smith totally refuted that JCP had resorted back to paperwork instead of the internet UJS and that sanctions took place on a regular basis There are not three bad apples in the barrel the whole barrel is rotten .

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