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Free Maureen Fernandes

May 6, 2014

Readers, please join me in signing this.

Maureen Fernandes is a 30 year old lady who has lived happily with her family all her life. Her main carer was her mother who sadly died in April 2014. Maureen had been admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary for treatment of her diabetic foot. At the time, no doubt the consultant was able to obtain consent for these interventions. 

Following her mother’s death, Social Services commenced a tale about Maureen wishing to live in a care home/residential home. The tale is distinctly unconvincing as Maureen had just lost her mother and secondly why would someone who lived happily with her family all her life suddenly wish to live away from them. Indeed, video evidence taken at the time demonstrates Maureen’s unhappiness at being taken to the care home. It is clear this temporary transfer caused her untold distress. 

Her mother’s funeral had not even taken place, yet social services were unsympathetic enough to destablise this family. A day after she was told of her mother’s death, social services took her to a care home. There was no reason why Maureen could not come home to live with her family until the funeral of her mother was over. 

On each of these decisions, the family were not consulted. This has caused severe distress to Mr Fernandes, her elderly father. The distress has been demonstrated by the helplessness he has felt that the family unit has been disturbed during the most traumatic time in their lives – the death of their beloved mother. 

Social services have no video/written evidence that Maureen wishes to live in a care home. Indeed, their admissions conflict with video evidence obtained by her family as to her wishes. 

Mr Best, her current Consultant has not responded to questions as to why this patient has been distressed in this manner. No recent multi-disciplinary meetings have taken place and the family has been removed from the decision making process. Social services appear to be acting unilaterally with the nafarious aim of putting words in Maureen’s mouth and snatching her from her long term home for their own reasons. 

We therefore ask Mr Norman Lamb to ensure that the rights of this vulnerable individual is maintained. She should have the right to live with her family if that is what she wishes to do.

It is notable that imprisoning someone in a care home is cheaper for social services than actually developing a care package so the person can live independently in the community.

Hazel Fernandes stated today :- 

“We have known Maureen all her life and she has lived with us happily all her life, what if she did not have this unfortunate decubitus foot ulcer, she would still be with us?!”


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Free Maureen Fernandes . Contains video footage of her wishes. 

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Keith Bernard permalink
    May 18, 2014 8:43 pm

    Dear Samedifference. It’s obvious you know nothing about care packages and social services. A proper care package at home is generally a lot less expensive than a care home.

    There is no mention of an advocate for the lady concerned. Is this a deliberate omission or are you not aware of one?

  2. May 18, 2014 11:56 pm

    I didn’t write the text above- it is the text of the petition letter on this issue from

    I am not aware of an advocate for Maureen Fernandes.

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