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Reality of One Person’s Experience of the Delays and Chaos With PIP and the Terrible Stress

September 23, 2014

From the WOW Campaign Forum:

I became disabled after a TVT-O bladder sling operation went wrong in September 2013.
I had nerve damage and could not move any part of my left leg- I took 6 months to learn to walk again, suffer lack of sensation and bladder sensation, 24/7 extreme pain and live on opiate drugs which I have adverse reactions to.
I waited 3 months as told to and applied for PIP. I was told to wait 16 weeks. At 20 weeks I was told it was a postcode lottery and to wait the new time of 26 weeks. At 26 weeks I was told I could wait another 26 weeks as postcode lottery the fairest way for assessment dates.
Under legal guidance I was told to write a complaint and sort to get legal aid for a public law case.
Once the complaint and intent to legal action was submitted I was written to within a week and given a assessment date on a day I said in my application I could not do. I was told if I did not attend I would lose my right to PIP. I spoke to the person heading my complaint and was given another date.
After an assessment whereby I came in a wheelchair and walked no more than a metre- I was told I had to wait 12 weeks for a reply. My public law claim found others had been told 3 weeks.
After 4 weeks I was given a lower PIP rate, whereby several points were challenge-able and contradicted what was said at the assessment and in my paperwork. One of these was that I could walk 20 to 50 metres. But there were many more.
Also I was not offered back pay to last year when I first applied but start a low pip payment in November 2014 and only get PIP for 2 years before I gave to go through this process again. ( fair enough as I have a complex operation and 2 year recovery to see if disability is going to be permanent- however the thought of going through this again makes me suicidal )
I now have to appeal the PIP and argue the start date to get the back pay I was promised I would get last November 2013.
Now we are having to do the same all over again, while I a) have the stress of a complex operation ahead and b) have to help my 9 year old son overcome the fear that he might lose his only parent, his mother, in this complex removal operation, where other mothers have died. ( research TVT removal and we are mesh survivors )
The process has been an exhausting one, set up to ensure it is dragged out as long as possible, and where at any point to make you fail, it will. At a time when one should be working on healing and making the best chance possible to recover and work again, one is chained to constant paperwork coming through the door, I’m now so confused I have NO idea what or why I am being given or not given help.

Along with this IDS ( Ian Duncan Smith) who has lost £19 million in EU courts over PIP and benefit cases- merely states he is disappointed and working on what he can do to change the situation. This you would think is sorting out a failing system to ensure vulnerable people are cared for quickly – but instead, it was to replace the 50m to 20m, change the law on legal aid to make it more difficult for people to take them to court and to continue to ignore that people are suffering. ( and many more little changes for max impact)
Now on a debt management plan for the first time in my life not able to work, and first time ever in debt, I fear the war on disabled people and those in the unfortunate position to not be able to care for themselves, has begun with callous hearts and no empathy and will continue… While others drink Moët at ever increasing rates.
The saying you become who you associate yourself with or you see life through the perspective of your experienced, is very true.
Listening to debates on TV, it seems perfectly reasonable what the reforms that government are trying to achieve… But like in the battlefields of war, to experience the pain, suffering and struggle is a different reality – one that would make anyone with a soul question their actions.

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