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Scoliosis Teen’s Efforts To Raise Awareness

February 2, 2015

Scoilosis is a disease that can start at the young age of 10-years-old. It is not uncommon and can be treated, but only if it is spotted early.

Scoilosis occurs in the spine, it begins to curve, and is most aggressive when a child goes through a growth spurt, in some instances the the spine can cure up to 10 degrees every three months.

To raise awareness of scoliosis amongst families, Lucy who suffers with the disease and her mother Jo joined Headline London to talk about how to spot the signs.
If scoliosis is diagnosed at a young age the more successful the treatment will be. 

More work is being done to encourage surgeons to review the new methods of surgery, which have been in affect in America – where Lucy had treatment.

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  1. February 2, 2015 4:50 pm

    My sister and I both have a mild form of scoliosis – which was noticed due to our skirts not quite sitting right on us (one side was always hitched a little higher than the other). As you say, it’s a common occorunce (I believe it’s caused by us forcing ourselves to stand on two feet when we were designed to lean forwards like apes with our knees bent – another reason for knee and hip problems, as we never evolved to properly cope with the stress on our joints).

    Awareness definitely isn’t as widespread as it ought to be, given that almost all of us have it.

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