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Help Brandon Get Visa To Stay With His Disabled Wife

February 13, 2015

Brandon faces deportation and separation from his disabled wife. We need funding to cover legal expenses and visa fees.

To know Brandon and his wife, Is to meet a couple truly in love. Anyone who sees them together can see their connection, Love and dependency on each other. Unfortunately unless Brandon finds full time employment this relationship could have a catastrophic end.

They met in 2012 when Brandon moved to Swansea from the USA so they could marry and set up home together.

Brandons wife, who due to her severe mental health condition and vulnerability can not to be named, is dependent on benefits. This condition makes it impossible for her to work. She relies on Brandon for care and support. Their marriage however is undergoing extreme stress as he is only allowed to stay in Wales on a temporary spousal visa.

Because they are married, Brandon’s wife lost her severe disability payment of £60 per week so they are they both struggling to survive on her reduced disability benefit. Even worse, this benefit cut means she can no longer sponsor Brandon for his spouse visa and he is likely to be deported back to the USA. The couple have sought legal advice from a solicitor, however as this case does not fit the requirements for legal aid, the half hour free advice that most law firms offer is insufficient to unravel the complexities of immigration law.

As a foreign national, Brandon is not entitled to claim benefits. The key for them being able to stay together is for him to find a job. They also need to be able to afford the legal fees and pay for the visa which amounts to at least £1200

Although he has no paid employment Brandon contributes to the community by doing voluntary work at an environmental recycling centre. He would accept any job and has worked for Amazon in Swansea via a recruitment agency. Despite being described by his manager as a fast and reliable worker, and being told that Amazon would keep him on if they could, Brandon was laid off by the agency. He spends hours every day applying for jobs although to date he has been unsuccessful.

Brandon has attended interviews where employers have been impressed with his enthusiasm and skills and has been offered irregular part time or zero hour contract work, But this is not an option as his wife’s ESA and housing benefit are stopped when he works, And she needs professional help to fill in forms and to get letters of support from social services to evidence her condition each time he stops or starts work. To date she has done this 8 times, and finds this a dehumanising and distressing process which affects her mental health and their marriage, To the point where she has spent time in psychiatric hospitals.

Their marriage is under constant stress. Brandon supports his wife the best he can but they both struggle to survive on her benefits, and the fear of her husband’s deportation makes her very unwell. In an ideal world Brandon would be like to support his wife so they could live independently.

Brandons wife’s condition has been deteriorating and she has attempted suicide. If Brandon were to be deported the results could be catastrophic. She would not be entitled to live in America with him, because her mental health condition would immediately disqualify her from the strict US visa requirements.

Could you help to save this marriage? An offer of a job for a conscientious worker is essential for Brandon to continue living here and to keep him and his wife together. Or could you help with the legal costs? Any contribution towards this would be gratefully received.

Please help in anyway you can. For further information and ways to support this lovely couple then contact Pete on 07967 917045 or email

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