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Open letter to P.I.P. assessors

April 15, 2015

Starring Role in YOUR own Life

Dear PIP Assessor,

When you visited my home I answered the door to you myself because there was no one else. Had I not been expecting you, I would not have got up and walked very painfully, albeit without apparent struggle, to let you in.

You spotted the piano as you came into my sitting room and commented on it; I told you I hadn’t touched it since coming out of remission as I have brain fog and no motivation. I wish I had encouraged you to run your hand over the dusty keys, then you might not have used my owning a piano as evidence of my rich inner life (am I supposed to sell all implements of pleasure now I’m sick?). You also mentioned the books. I told you they were kept out of sentimentality as I have not been able to concentrate on a book since my…

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