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Wheelchair User Beaten Up For Parking In Disabled Bay Outside Kent KFC

August 10, 2015

Simeon Drewett, 47, had stopped briefly outside the KFC fast food diner at Strood Retail Park, so his son, Jake, could grab them a quick bite to eat.

Mr Drewett, who is registered disabled after suffering from back problems for years, was pulled out of the vehicle after the man gave him a tirade of verbal abuse for stopping there.

He described how he was yanked out of the driver’s seat by the man, who he said was older than him, and was then punched to the upper body and wrestled to the ground.

In addition to fracturing a vertebra, he dislocated his hip and suffered severe bruising.

Shocked shoppers and a KFC employee came to his aid and pulled his attacker from him before calling the police.

He has come forward to tell of his ordeal, which happened on June 27, because he is frustrated at the lack of progress with the investigation.

Almost seven weeks after the incident, Mr Drewett said he had heard hardly anything from the police and thinks the man, who left his details with other people at the scene, should have been arrested by now.

Mr Drewett, from Borstal, said: “He was angry about disabled people being able to park
wherever they like.

“He was swearing and shouting and then just grabbed me as I opened the car door.

“I couldn’t believe his strength. He was a much older man than me and it was frightening, very frightening.

“It was the shock of it all and I broke down after it happened.

“After he was pulled off me by the people who came to my aid, he calmed down a bit and as they were taking down his registration number, he handed over his name and address.

“There were several witnesses who said they were happy to talk to the police about the attack, but still I am waiting to find out if these people have been spoken to and if he has been arrested.

The only update I’ve really had from the police is they are waiting for information from the hospital about my injuries.

“All I want to know is if he has been arrested. I don’t want him to get away with it.”

A police spokesman said: “Officers have carried out a number of inquiries including reviewing CCTV footage and speaking to possible witnesses.

“Inquiries are continuing to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.

“In addition to ongoing inquiries, police are awaiting confirmation of the extent of the victim’s injuries.”

The spokesman confirmed a 65-year-old man had been interviewed under caution.

“Officers investigating this incident have made contact with the victim on a number of occasions and will continue to provide updates to the victim as and when there are appropriate developments.”

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  1. Bookworm permalink
    August 10, 2015 9:03 pm

    This is truly shocking behaviour of anyone but you would imagine a 65 year old would know better. I hope he gets time in prison for GBH. This is also attributable to the constant stream of disability hatred by the govt. and msm. Shame on all of them.

  2. August 10, 2015 10:21 pm

    Reblogged this on Britain Isn't Eating.

  3. Jack permalink
    August 11, 2015 2:04 am

    Couple things here. The man in the wheelchair should not have used the disabled bay if he himself was not going into he KFC. If he was just going to wait in the car while his son ran in, he should have parked in a non disabled bay. That was no excuse however for the other man to drag the disabled person out of the car.

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