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‘Truancy’ Fines And Trials For Termtime Holidays: Experiences Wanted

August 12, 2015

Today’s news story on parents being fined, and even facing court trials, for taking their children on termtime holidays, was covered in some depth on Victoria Derbyshire.

One of the guests interviewed was the stepfather of a boy with autism. He was explaining his family’s need to go on holiday in January to avoid the stress of holiday season crowds for his stepson. He said that his stepson’s special school allow the time off, because they understand the disability-related needs of the child. However, the mainstream schools his other children attend are no longer so understanding.

Unfortunately, that section of the programme is not available as a separate clip to link to, but the whole programme is available on iPlayer.

This got me thinking. So, I would like the experiences of parents of disabled children in this area. Are special schools more understanding than mainstream schools, in your experience? Please leave your comments below.


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