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The Unbreakables: Life And Love On Disability Campus- Episode 3

August 13, 2015

BBC Three, 9pm.


Documentary series about life at National Star College in Gloucestershire, a further education college for people with physical disabilities, acquired brain injuries and associated learning difficulties.

Every September, 170 students from around the UK begin a new year of study at National Star. Many live on campus for three years and revel in the specialist teaching, state-of-the-art facilities, end-of-term balls and, more than anything, the freedom of a new life.

Working with a wide range of disabilities, staff and students are devoted to a single mission: unlocking the potential in everyone and gaining the skills to get the best out of their adult lives. Through this powerful series of films we witness the resilience, energy and humour of a stand-out cast of wonderful young characters.

National Star prepares all its students for a more independent life after college. The final episode follows three of the most independent students into the outside world, on the hunt for the one thing they most want in life – Lewis wants a new voice, Morgan wants a job and Sasha wants a home.

We meet the charismatic Lewis amongst a room of students watching the world cup, and much like the others he is yelling at the TV screen, but does so with an electronic voice through his communicator. Lewis, who hails from Newcastle, is fed up with his voice and embarks on a personal mission to find a Geordie accent for his communication device, with the help of his friend Rob.

Morgan has been overcoming his speech impediment and won’t let it hold him back in his search for gainful employment. For Sasha, the one thing she doesn’t want to do after college is return home to live with mum and dad, as we follow her struggle to move into suitable housing.

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