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Nicola Moss, Ataxia And MS But No Motability Car- Because She Can Walk With Support

October 7, 2015

A DISABLED Tamworth woman who is unable to walk says she is being penalised for being ill – after disability officials said she CAN walk and must give up her Motability car.


Nicola Moss, who is 39 and lives in Dosthill, says she was told by officials they believe that she can walk – with help – up to 50 metres without the need for a wheelchair.

And this week she was forced to hand over the keys to the car which has a special hoist for her mobility scooter.

“It’s disgusting,” Nicola told the Herald this week. “I’m in a wheelchair. I need my car but they are saying I cannot have it.”

 Nicola has been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which has been getting progressively worse, and she also suffers from ataxia.

She originally qualified for the Motability car under the government’s Disability Living Allowance, but earlier this year that changed to the Personal Independent Payment.

Under the new guidelines she now only qualifies under the standard rate, which does not include a car.

“I have appealed and have sent doctor’s letters, but they are still saying no,” she said.

“I cannot even get to my bin which is outside my house. I sit in my house all day.”

Nicola added: “I cannot do anything. I am a genuine case, I have never lied, but they refuse to send someone out so they can see for themselves.

“I am so frustrated. They are not listening at all.

“It makes you out to be a liar. I’m a good person and am being penalised for having a chronic illness.”

Nicola, who is married and has lived in Tamworth for nearly 20 years, believes there are thousands of others in the same situation as her. She is now taking legal action in an attempt to get a specialised car back.

She feels she has lost her independence.

“When I handed my car over this week it was dreadful. It’s very, very stressful, but the more stress you have the worse your MS gets.”

She added: “I am confined to my house now because I cannot afford another car. I have not got that sort of money.”

“I want everyone to know what I’m going through and what a load of rubbish it is.”

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