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World Cerebral Palsy Day

October 7, 2015

Readers, I’ve just found out that today is World Cerebral Palsy Day 2015.



I’m going to celebrate myself and everyone and everything this DisAbility has given me today in this tiny little post.

Someone very strong recently wrote that cancer was a gift to her. Today I write that Cerebral Palsy has been a gift to me.

What would I have without Cerebral Palsy?

A driving licence. A car. A wardrobe full of high heeled shoes of all colours. Probably a kitchen full of recipe books and maybe the ability to make my own lunch and dinner. I might have been a snooker player, or an artist, the kind with paint I mean.

What do I have with Cerebral Palsy?

A deep, real understanding of differences that cannot be helped. Sensitivity. The most amazing friends anyone could ask for, who are some of the strongest people anyone could wish to meet. An understanding that communication doesn’t always have to be spoken. A bookshelf full of interesting, enjoyable books written by talented people and the ability to eat my mother’s brilliant cooking every day for the rest of her life. I watch snooker, annd cricket, and Paralympic sport. And I am an artist- the kind with words, but who cares? Paint’s for kids anyway!

Is my life perfect?

No. Is yours? Whose is?

Would I change my life?

Some things, of course. Wouldn’t you change some things about yours too?

Would I be without Cerebral Palsy?

No. Never. Cerebral Palsy is my constant companion. Cerebral Palsy is my best friend. Cerebral Palsy makes me who I am. Being without Cerebral Palsy would be like being in another country where I knew nothing and no one. That may be exciting to some, but to me it’s a nightmare.

Please celebrate yourselves today, fellow CPers. And celebrate your carers, too- they deserve recognition and appreciation for giving us the lives we have had.

And please remember:


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    You are so right no ones lives are perfect….What a good and positive story..

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