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Long Wait For Accessible Local Authority Housing Says Charity

December 29, 2015

There has been a marked increase in waiting times for disabled people looking for accessible local authority housing.

The Leonard Cheshire charity says the number of those waiting for a home has risen by 7% in the last five years, with some on the list for up to 12 years.

The government says it plans to build 8,000 homes for disabled and elderly people in England, but campaigners say far more are needed.

Disability Correspondent Nikki Fox reports.

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  1. December 29, 2015 11:38 pm

    this does not surprise me, a couple i know(family members). over 2 years ago the man had a below knee amputation done due to diabetic complications. hes over 30 stone now and permanently confined to wheelchair or disability scooter, the house he n his partner had shared for the previous 19 years was too small and not accessible to him so LA set about looking for a new home for them/ hes a bit younger than his partner who is now coming up to 69 in january next year.had a stroke(a severe one) 8 n half years ago. and is still suffering some effects from that. after her partner being sent to respite after 13 weeks or more in hospital, respite after 7 weeks deemed him homeless n he was sent to a hotel room high up. had to use lift/ no other access. fire hazzard if ever there was one, no facilities for cooking and as his benefits had been stopped cos of bein in hospital over the required limit of weeks to be able to keep claiming, yet he was expected to pay over 300 quid a week for full board,including meals. result was social services were involved, his partner was taking food in for him daily. SS found him a microwave to cook ready meals in(he had lost 5 stone in hospital but quickly put it all back on because he couldnt eat the right sort of meals to maintain the weight loss…….. no facilities like rubbish bins for dirty dressings etc. stump even now still requires daily dressings)…We got our MP onto it. he was moved to a flat in hostel accommodation was there over a year before they finally found them somewhere. new build all geared for him./ with no thought given to his partners predicament (she too is on full DLA etc) they got them a dormer bungalow. his downstairs bedroom is so tiny only room for small wardrobe.. hospital bed and chest of drawers plus him in his wheelchair.all crammed in together. he has to wheel in forwards and back out of the room. she has to sleep upstairs where he cant get to her if she has another stroke, (last time he was told,. but for his quick action in recognising what was happening, she would have been dead.).. ridiculous situation to be in/ they were told if they didnt accept that one()bearing in mind they had not been offered any others)they would lose their place in the queue and be put to bottom of they had no choice but to take it. so nope they can wait all that time and still not be given suitable accomodation

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