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Will Claimants Be Sanctioned Because Of The Floods?

December 29, 2015

We at Same Difference have been watching reports of the recent UK floods with shock and sympathy for the people affected. We urge disabled and elderly people to take care in the extreme weather.

But we didn’t think there was any further disability link in the story, until we spotted this on Facebook:

It was then that we recalled an FOI request from last year, which revealed that benefit sanctions could apply if bad weather, including snow, prevented claimants from getting to jobcentres.

Readers, we urge you to share this post as widely as possible. We would like it to reach every MP and Government Minister.

We at Same Difference  believe that no one should be sanctioned because extreme weather prevents them reaching jobcentres, or searching for jobs because their electricity is cut off. We would like to see every MP, including Government Ministers and David Cameron, stepping in to ensure that no benefit claimant is sanctioned as a result of the floods.

What are you thinking?

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