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Benefits Assessor: How Long Are You Likely To Have Parkinson’s?

February 8, 2016

This paragraph from Frances Ryan’s latest article- an interview with a claimant called Phil Brehaut- just says it all.

“It was very daunting, like being in court,” he says. “The lady on the panel actually asked me, ‘How long are you likely to have Parkinson’s?’” He pauses. “The person next to her quickly whispered in her ear … You would think they’d know a little bit about it.”


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  1. February 8, 2016 5:33 pm

    Clearly the assessor here is either not a professional body or in need of some up to date training ! Shocking .

  2. Jan permalink
    February 8, 2016 7:13 pm

    I’m worried sick about having to claim PIP when my DLA runs out next year. People with mental health issues haven’t got a chance of being assessed properly if they can’t diagnose something like Parkinson’s. Just having to pay £500 for a appeal and having no legal help is daunting. I know I will have to appeal because ever decision in the last 13 years has been overturned in a court for me but only after 8 to 12 months struggle without enough money to live on.

  3. February 11, 2016 8:35 am

    Reblogged this on Politics and Insights and commented:
    I was asked in 2011 by an Atos assessor how long I thought I would have a “chronic, progressive illness … further testing confirmed connective tissue disease (Lupus). That was the diagnosis from my rheumatologist, which she read aloud at the assessment. Dumbfounded, I replied “Until I die. The clue is in the words “progressive” and “chronic.”

  4. Grayling permalink
    October 4, 2016 10:37 am

    If I remember rightly – a similar instance was reported in the Stoke Sentinel – normally a Tory union bashing local rag

    A guy , I think in his early 60s or late 50s was ‘ let go ‘ by this small firm – a State General Nurse asked this acting for #Atos – so she could put in a prognosis of him , either ‘ recovering ‘ from Parkinsons in 6 or more like 18 months , thus earning Atos another ‘ assessment ‘ fee paid by the ‘ hard working tax payer ‘ to see if he wasn’t exaggerating his condition / ‘ trying it on ‘ – ridiculous & corrupt I know !!

    Atos , #Maximus and Crapita are the real scroungers and fraudsters with this corporate welfare baloney – it costs more than it saves – still it keeps the #DailyMail thickies happy !

    His ex boss said I’d love to meet that idiot that ‘ assessed ‘him in that sham non medical , ‘ medical ‘ – they simply couldn’t employ him anymore

    If that ‘ nurse ‘ pulled that stunt , acting beyond her remit , over ruling consultants and specialists in a hospital – she’d be in the office so fast her feet wouldn’t touch – needing a good RCN / Unison rep and maybe a employment solicitor ? to avoid being struck off by the NMC .

    There’s also ambulance chasing legal firms looking for misdiagnoses

    These corrupt entities get away with it – as they’re merely ‘ analysts ‘ offering opinions and the #DWP taking ‘ advice ‘ and making the final ‘ decision ‘ is institutionally incapable of operating independently

    Just another political wing of the Tory party – they don’t do empirical evidence – just Victorian / Edwardian ideology

    #McVey said some people do get better and I will come for them – that’s the petty , spiteful , small minded and vindictive #Tory mindset and paranoia they have – in case anyone gets one over on ‘ the system ‘ – so it means they’ll have every single person will be dragged in ………just in case !

    Can’t think why John McDonnell called her a stain on humanity and joked about people in her ex constituency having dark thoughts about lynching her ….not


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