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Twitter Announces Trust And Safety Council

February 10, 2016

Twitter have announced their Trust And Safety Council- 40 organisations which will work to help them “ensure that people feel safe expressing themselves on Twitter.”

The list includes LGBT Rights organisations and domestic violence helplines, as well as an Australian mental health organisation, Beyond Blue.

Anything that improves Internet safety for anyone is a very positive thing in this 21st century where the Internet controls everything most people do. These days, Twitter is taken more seriously than most mainstream media organisations. So Same Difference welcomes the introduction of their Trust and Safety Council, as a whole.

However, while we are pleased to see Beyond Blue included, we are slightly disappointed that there does not appear to be any specific Disability Rights organisation on the Council as yet.

It is to be hoped that the Council will be a success and continue to grow. In future, Same Difference would welcome the addition of an organisation like Disability Rights UK, Sense or Scope.

In particular, given the problems faced on Twitter by Autism campaigner Kevin Healey, it is to be hoped that the Council will grow to include an organisation specific to Autism, such as the UK’s National Autistic Society or American organisation ASAN.

Twitter notes in its own blog post that it has 320 million users. That number includes a large and universal community of disabled people who have their own specific needs.

Many of them cannot leave their homes. Many of them have very limited interaction with people offline. So for many of them, Twitter is a library and Facebook is a pub.

Same Difference will try hard to follow the progress of Twitter’s Trust and Safety Council and will keep readers updated as we become aware that it has grown.

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