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Sense Responds As MPs Send ESA WRAG Cut Proposals To The Lords For Third Time

March 3, 2016

A press release:

Richard Kramer, Deputy Chief Executive at Sense, said:

“We are extremely disappointed to see the government once again reject the Lords’ sensible amendments. We believe ESA cuts will be incredibly damaging to disabled people, many of whom are already struggling to make ends meet.

We are calling on the government to do a full U-turn on the proposed ESA changes. We hope the government will listen again to the concerns expressed by disabled people who have repeatedly said that the impacts of the cuts to ESA will simply make it harder to pay for the support that might allow them to find work.”

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  1. mili68 permalink
    March 3, 2016 2:09 pm

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  2. mili68 permalink
    March 3, 2016 2:09 pm

    Tweeted @melissacade68

  3. jeffrey davies permalink
    March 3, 2016 2:28 pm

    aktion t4 rolling along without much of a ado jeff3

  4. March 3, 2016 3:03 pm

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  5. Sarah Davis permalink
    March 3, 2016 3:29 pm

    Of course the government won’t listen. They haven’t up til now and they aren’t concerned with the needs of the sick, disabled or poor. They’ve proved that time and time again. There’s just no hope for anyone who’s not rich while this government is in power

  6. March 3, 2016 7:05 pm

    Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    The government won’t listen because they’ve decided to make the cut & no matter how damaging it is nothing will change. It has been said that money needs to be saved but I think we can all safely say that if there is any saving it’ll be pennies.

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