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Baroness Tanni Grey Thompson Quits 2017 Athletics Championships Over ‘Tokenistic’ Role

March 10, 2016

Tanni Grey-Thompson has become the fourth official from the 2017 World Athletics Championships to resign from the London organising committee in the space of two months saying she felt her role was “a bit too tokenistic”.

The 11-times Paralympic wheelchair champion has quit the board in frustration over her role.

In February, the managing director, Sally Bolton, resigned after fellow board members Heather Hancock and Martin Stewart left their positions.

“For me it was just all getting a bit tokenistic and it’s not fun or interesting,” Grey-Thompson told the Sport Industry Breakfast Club in London. “I don’t mind the fight – trying to challenge people about disability athletics is what I’m meant to do. But I got tired of saying: ‘And what about the Paralympic athletes?’ It needs to be someone else because I don’t feel I was having the impact in terms of taking that discussion on.”

Grey-Thompson, a member of the House of Lords, felt she was “going round in circles” trying to provide an all-round contribution to an organising committee headed by the UK Athletics chairman, Ed Warner.

“I had run out of energy in terms of having to have that fight,” Grey-Thompson said. “I was being seen as the person to carry the torch of inclusion. I can offer more than that and other people can as well. It just felt it wasn’t the place for me to be.”

London won the bid to stage the championships in a 2011 vote. The event will be held at the Olympic Stadium.

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