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Eastenders’ Donna To Ask Foster Brother Vincent To Be The Father Of Her Baby

May 31, 2016

As Eastenders fans reel from the kiss at the end of yesterday’s episode, Same Difference has just discovered that there is a very interesting storyline coming up for Donna Yates.

Next week, Donna will ask her foster brother Vincent Hubbard to be the biological father of the baby she has wanted to have for some time.

As a woman who has been disabled since birth, our editor is delighted to see Eastenders exploring the possibility of a pregnancy for a female character who has been disabled since birth. This will be a very important storyline. Handled correctly, it could bring great hope to physically disabled women considering pregnancy. It could also be educational for younger girls with disabilities, as well as for non disabled people who have wondered about the issue of disabled women and pregnancy.

Our editor, a hopeless romantic, would personally like to see Donna having a child as a result of a meaningful romantic relationship. Because she would love to see an institution with the powers of Eastenders showing the world that disabled people do, and can, and should find partners for themselves and have romantic relationships. Or a one night stand with someone who isn’t her brother- because disabled people do, and can, and should have one night stands with people they find for themselves, too.

However, our editor feels that Eastenders must be sincerely thanked for this very interesting twist. Because through this twist, the storyline will, for a while at least, not focus completely on Donna’s disability. Instead, the focus will shift to a very different issue- the issue of foster siblings, who have been raised practically as biological siblings, having a baby together.

Of course, the main reason Donna needs to ask this of her foster brother will, no doubt, be her disability.

The two don’t share any blood, so it wouldn’t be incest. However, they do share a very close bond which, so far, is not romantic in the slightest, but is the emotional bond of siblings. So, if Donna and Vincent were to share a pregnancy, we feel that explaining the situation to their future baby would be very difficult!

The storyline twist kicks off on 6 June.

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