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How Can I Attend A Medical I Never Knew I Had?

August 23, 2016

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  1. Justin Greenwood permalink
    August 23, 2016 12:19 am

    I would ask for proof of them sending out a medical letter in a timely manner, I am to assume that this was a wca or pip in which case you should have filled out there freindly esa50 form or pip form and then they would have said you needed a medical, however with no proof of letter stating you had to attend how can you, retrospectively a decision maker stating that is not good enough reason,my reply to that is that is not good a good enough answer, they should have been able to provide a date when the alleged letter was sent to you, that letter should have a contact number on it so that you can confirm whether you can attend, i would go back to them, ask them if the conversation is being recorded,it should be, and tell them you did not receive a letter so therefore how can you attend a medical, no joy after that, ask to talk to a line manager , still no joy then state that you want a copy of all correspondence verbal or written from the date of the esa50, to all extents things get lost in post and they should realise that, this decision maker sounds just like the one sided idiot that sadly they breed and adds credence that the whole system is not working and needs totally dismantling until it does work instead of this trial by stupidity system that they have in place run by a tick boxing computer package designed by clueless aliens who long-term have probably cost the taxpayer more money through worsening a person’s condition and increasing the burden on a stretched NHS due to there folly

  2. August 23, 2016 1:10 am

    This person should put in a SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST for a watermarked, copy or duplicate, of the letter along with proof of postage and proof of receipt the best they will get back is a copy of the letter plus a sentence or so saying we posted it on date A and you should have received it on date B. I would complain saying they never fully complied with the request stating the copy of the letter was not watermarked as requested and they offered no proofs of postage or receipt they should tell the DWP that they are been hit with a £50 penalty plus legal proceedings for compensation.
    The DWP are all too eager to believe every word that any third party acting on their behalf is telling the truth


  1. ATOS Falsifying DWP Records Over Claimant’s Assessment | Same Difference

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