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Benefit Assessment Failed- For Having A Firm Handshake

August 25, 2016

Another response to this, through Facebook.

When I went down the road of the dwp assesment I was turned down as he said I had a firm hand shake! It’s not my hands ……… It’s my legs!!!!! My body my involuntary movements the pain the dizziness the memory loss what more do they want should I be paralysed from the neck down before I am deemed disabled this just makes me want to cry I can’t bear the thought of having to go through the whole thing again with even more non medical incompitant fools another tribunal is iminant I am sure this discrimination! This is what was ruled against in the rights of disabled people how dare these people who have no idea about what we go through each day even try to assess us we should be assessing their qualifications to do the assessment in the first place !!!!

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  1. jeffrey davies permalink
    August 25, 2016 11:19 am

    firstly one should ask for a print out of the highly trained hcp reports while they deciding will they wont they then a week or so later ask for the sar then when the final decision comes you ready ask that company that done the assessment that the highly trained hcp told a pack of lies then attack then through their nurses union why leave them get away with it

  2. August 25, 2016 2:56 pm

    I always SAR the report and all the other stuff the minute I get in from an assessment or hear the decision in their letter, normally because they did a paper report, but a normally have a copy saved in DRAFTS on my email, it simply says

    SUBJECT ACCESS REQUEST (ESA/PIP) (in the subject box)


    On (date) at (time) I attended a FACE 2 FACE at (name of assessment centre) and require the following information

    1. ESA50
    2. ESA85
    3. ESA85(S)
    4. ESA113
    5. LT54 or ESA65
    6. Copies of all the information supplied
    7. Copies of all the information used by DWP/ HP


    copy of the original PIP claim (Or if that was rejected) including enclosed supporting evidence(if applicable)
    • copy of the inter-department correspondence passing the case from DLA over to PIP
    • copy of PIP2 questionnaire including all attachments and the Special Delivery bar code label
    • copy of the ATOS/Capita PA1 file note determining that the case was to be handled via face to face assessment
    • copy of the ATOS/Capita PA4 assessment report 
    • complete copy of the PIP 7001 award letter
    • anything/all they hold regards your DLA/PIP claim
    Computer records
    Clerical records

    Like I said I do it as soon as I get in and always leave the draft on the PC and copy the part I want from that to another email then send it to the office you would normally sign on at just put your postcode in here
    then click on contact JCP central team

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