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Minister Claims Major PIP Mobility Improvements On The Way

December 5, 2016

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

The Motability scheme may be opened up to claimants who do not get the enhanced rate of the mobility component, Penny Mordaunt, minister for disabled people, told MPs last week. The change is one of three major improvements that Mordaunt claims she is planning to make.

In the course of a debate on ESA and PIP on 30 November Mordaunt told MPS that she was discussing a number of changes to PIP with the DWP.

One change would enable PIP claimants to keep their Motability vehicle whilst they are appealing a decision that they are no longer entitled to the enhanced rate of the mobility component of PIP. This should include claimants who lose their Motability entitlement when they move from DLA to PIP.

Mordaunt also wants to change the rules that mean that claimants who are out of the country for more than 13 weeks, other than for medical treatment, generally lose their entitlement to the PIP mobility component.

Most surprisingly, Mordaunt claims that she is “exploring options to allow those who are not in receipt of the higher Motability component to have access to the Motability scheme.” It is not clear how this would work, given that the standard rate of the PIP mobility component would not come close to covering the cost of a Motability vehicle.

The relevant passage from Mordaunt’s comments is:

“We have been discussing with relevant Departments ways to enable PIP claimants to keep their vehicle pending appeal, and we are exploring options to allow those who are not in receipt of the higher Motability component to have access to the Motability scheme. I am also exploring how claimants who are out of the country for extended periods can be better supported. We have a plan and the Treasury’s blessing. This week I have written to Motability to ask for its help in delivering that plan. I anticipate that the plan will require some changes to its processes, but I know that it will do all it can to help us in this matter, as it has in the past. We have a remarkable and unique partnership with Motability, and I hope in my tenure to maximise that.”

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  1. Justin Greenwood permalink
    December 5, 2016 11:28 am

    this sounds like a step in the right direction, however the horse has allready left the stable and really what they should be looking at is the awful standard of assessments carried out by these pip assessors, I assisted in one case recently and by page four of there medical report i wrote across it is this person qualified? they sure are,they carried out a bi-polar assessment, there qualifications a sport physiotherapist, previous experience they worked in a bar, excellent,the five weeks training they go through really must be superb to bring out a Bi-Polar trained assessor, perhaps the DWP should role this out to the Nhs,5 week s training vs 3 years, never be a shortage again.

    similiarly and i have only just started to look at this i am looking at another case i have not even read the report, i cannot wait, do i hear echoes of a unquaified git doing a assessment, i sure do, it is almost embarrasing that just by reading there reasons letter from the decision maker that i know that i am looking at a assessor that needs to be struck of and a decision maker that needs to be sacked, i wonder what pathetic load of drivel they come up with this time to justify there answers

  2. December 6, 2016 3:19 pm

    Reblogged this on campertess and commented:
    Standard mobility on pip will come nowhere near to funding a car. Maybe they are thinking of a rise – in money – for standard rate!! Probably not.

  3. CAZ LIGHT permalink
    January 16, 2017 12:25 am

    These unqualified assessors have taken my legs away!!!

  4. Lorraine Bowers permalink
    January 30, 2018 12:07 am

    Any more word on standard pip funding a mobility car? This has not been mentioned since Penny Mourdant suggested it some time back. Anyone know how I can contact Ms Mourdant regarding this.

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