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Is THIS why you lost PIP? Disability activists claim DWP assessments IGNORE mobility rule : Express.

February 27, 2017

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  1. Sarah permalink
    February 27, 2017 9:50 am

    I had a home assessment. They only saw me walk 4 metres, observed through eyes in the back of the ATOS acessors head as she was in front, yet because I said during the assessment I crawled in the garden on the odd nice day in summer was put down as being able to walk 20 -50 metres. She ignored the wheelchair that I use away from home,and any walking brought on even more leg pain, or the bilateral foot drop, and leg weakness or the bruises I had from falling and tripping in the house every day when my foot doesn’t move and can only check it has moved by looking down, or leg gives way numerous times each day. At best I can only manage 10 metres. The assessor also stated my gait was normal! Impossible with foot drop and spinal abnormalities .
    They obviously have targets to meet, otherwise why would these health care proofessionals risk being struck off their registers for professional misconduct for the lies they tell on assessment forms including examinations they did not carry out or could not have observed
    I am still left wondering why she stated I was on no significant pain medication when prescribed several pain medications including controlled drugs taken every day on a regular basis and how to get food in my mouth which only opens 22mm with my a elbow special handled crutches and grabber. Use of the latter means I don’t need help cutting food up or my special cutlery because of limited dexterity!The other assumptions given are equally ridiculous.

    • Ms Patricia Binns permalink
      February 28, 2017 12:35 am

      I managed 42 inches that’s 3 small steps from the sofa to my wheelchair, but now ATOS say i can do 50-100 meters wow wish i could also i wear 2 splints with rods in the thumbs, altho ATOS said reduced grip i can wash my hair, and chop and peel vedg and cook it, wow again i wish i could, ive stopped my sons from cooking meals for me, im living on crap tbh and im not used to this fast food, the weight is certainly pilling on my hips and waist, being in a wheelchair i find it hard to jog or ride a bike to keep my weight down (i am being sarcastic there) i am 57 yrs old worked all my life with my disability’s and was DLA indefinite, now nothing on PIP, the cars gone, and i carn’t get out of the bungalow because theres no one to push my manual wheelchair, I’m sure you all can imagine it goes a lot deeper, but wont go into not bathing etc, we all need some help and we arn’t getting it because we are not getting the benefits that pay for this help, by the time i get to tribuneral stage i will go as i am and let them see all this, i just don’t care any more all this has plunged me in to depression. These ATOS assessors need to open their eyes with everything sooner or later DWP and our government will shaft them like they have done use the disabled people.

  2. February 28, 2017 5:21 pm

    The only winners out of this is the company’s that do the assessments. The government saying they are saving money are obviously lying because by the time it goes to a tribunal they will have spent a fortune. They would save more money if they stopped the assessments all together. That is what is so sickening, people are committing suicide or dying from complications brought on by the dwp & it doesn’t need to happen.

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