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Online Appeals Won’t Be For All Claimants It Will Be Gradual Rollout!

March 3, 2017

Many thanks to campaigner Gail Ward for this:

“There were 1.7 million appeals, with a success rate of 50% for oral appeals and 29% for paper appeals. Online appeals will have a lot more in common with paper hearings in many cases, with a cash-strapped TS trying to make as many decisions as possible without any kind of expensive face-to-face hearing.
For claimants who can’t travel to hearings, online hearings may well be an improvement on paper hearings. But there is already the facility to allow domiciliary hearings in claimants homes and to have hearings by Skype as a reasonable adjustment – there is no reason for moving all hearings online except to cut costs”
Source Benefits and Work

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  1. March 3, 2017 8:45 pm

    How come, after all these years Benefits and Work still hasn’t read something as simple as the Fraud Act?

    Fraud Act 2006 –

    How come, after all these years Benefits and Work still hasn’t heard of the public sector employees who are supposed to be there to stop this sort of thing ‘The Police’?

    Benefits and Work… Another Fake News site from DWP supporting course of justice perverts.

    Assisting an Offender – section 4(1) Criminal Law Act 1967 –

    Perverting The Course of Justice –

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