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Rosa Monckton Says Learning Disabled Workers Should Be Allowed To Work Below The Minimum Wage

March 3, 2017

Rosa Monckton, mother of Domenica, who has Downs Syndrome, has said people with learning disabilities should be allowed to work for less than the minimum wage so that they can be allowed the ‘human dignity’ of work.

In 2011,  MP Philip Davies  made similar comments. At the time, I called the views ‘outdated.’ That is still my opinion.

At the time, I was shocked. I am even more shocked today, to hear this view coming from the parent of someone with a learning disability.

My view on this from 2011 is still my view today. Disabled people, no matter what their disability, are not second class citizens. We are not cheap labour. We are human beings, too. Those of us lucky enough to live in countries whose laws say that human beings should be paid a minimum wage, fully deserve to be paid a minimum wage, no matter what kind of work we choose or are able to do.

Paying anyone who did not have a disability less than the minimum wage would be considered exploitation. It is, quite rightly, illegal for businesses to pay anyone without a disability less than the minimum wage.

Rosa Monckton says that people with learning disabilities often have no understanding of money and that they simply want to work to live full and purposeful lives.

My opinion has always been that people with all disabilities are still human, too. To make it legal for people with learning disabilities to be paid less than other workers would be, in my opinion, to consider workers with learning disabilities less than human.

It is a very good thing that Rosa Monckton wants her daughter to experience a working life. However, I find it very worrying that Rosa Monckton, as Domenica’s own mother, thinks it would be acceptable for any future employers to exploit her daughter in any future workplace.

Where is the ‘human dignity’ in being treated as less than human?

If Rosa Monckton, as Domenica’s parent, really thinks this is acceptable, what hope will Domenica ever have of being treated as the human being she is by the rest of society?

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  1. cmgregson permalink
    March 3, 2017 9:32 am

    A learning disability is not a learning inability. Never seen it as a slogan but reckon it should be. With the right training and mentoring, taking nothing for granted, adults with a learning disability can play a full role in the workplace. Allowing pay discrimination based on disability is a non-starter, and would give penny-pinching employers another loophole: ‘I can only afford to pay £5 an hour for this job, tick this box if you want some work’. I can see the place for training kitchens and the like, but it worries me when groups that claim to believe in the value of disabled people make money on the back of their workforce but only pay through ‘opportunity’ or ‘self-esteem’ when I’m sure the staff would like a new outfit and a meal out (or whatever) for putting the hours in.’.

  2. nick permalink
    March 3, 2017 11:43 am

    always remember those with money will always struggle to understand on what goes on in the real world irrespective of anything else in their life including their own family

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