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Why One Deaf Man Didn’t Vote Until His 40s

June 19, 2017

The podcast this week dives into some of the stats and happenings around disability at the 2017 General Election with two interesting guests.

Click here to read a transcript.

“Deaf people were more engaged than during any other election,” says Charlie Swinbourne, editor of popular deaf news blog Limping Chicken. Facebook and other social networks allowed British Sign Language users to easily post videos, and deaf politics groups were overrun with comments on community matters.

Eleanor Lisney is one of the founders of hashtag #CripTheVoteUK, a campaign to get lots more disabled people voting. Find out how many users they reached and how it got into the UK’s trending top five.

As this was a snap election, there was less time than usual to produce party manifestos in alternative formats, such as BSL and easy read. They were, therefore, published very close to polling day, rather late in the day, says Daniel Gordon who worked on Ouch’s election coverage. We discuss how this impacted on those who need extra time and support to make a decision.

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