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Today’s demo. Rain, cold, frustration and a disabled man stranded in Ashton. Food parcels gone in 25 minutes.

June 29, 2017

The poor side of life

Today was pretty grim to be honest. I’m sure that you are most likely fed up of me saying this now but it was. The weather was awful, rain was pouring down and it was cold. It felt more like autumn not summer.

The reason for my mood not being brilliant was simple. I had received a message saying that they thought that the demos aren’t going anywhere amongst other things.

I, and other members beg to differ.

The demo has been happening for nearly four years now, every week, and there has never been a week off. We have helped countless numbers of people, advised them, fed them, prevented suicides and also we have and still do empower people to challenge the system. This is the best form of retaliation against the government that there is. It worked during the poll tax years, and it’s working now.

We also…

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