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Repeat WCAS End For Some Claimants

October 4, 2017

With many thanks to Benefits And Work.

Last month we revealed that repeat WCAs – the assessment system that decides eligibility for employment and support allowance (ESA) – were at their highest ever level and now outnumber WCAs for new claims.

However, the DWP have now announced that from 29 September some claimants who have to undergo a WCA may be told that they will be exempt from any further repeat assessments.

This only applies to claimants who are in the support group of ESA or who have limited capability for work-related activity for UC.

You will also have to have a severe, lifelong disability, illness or health condition.

And you must be unlikely to ever be able to move into work.

DWP minister David Gauke claimed in a speech yesterday that:

“After early tests of this approach, it has now been implemented and I can tell you that around twice as many people are expected to benefit from this reform than were originally thought.”

Unfortunately, as yet, we have no idea of how many people they originally thought would benefit.

Nor has the DWP made public the guidance – if any exists – that health professionals will be using to help them decide whether to recommend exemption from repeat assessments.

But you can be sure we’re trying to get hold of it.

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