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Ben Stokes Apologises To Katie And Harvey Price Over Video Clip Showing Him Imitating Harvey

October 12, 2017

Ben Stokes has apologised to Katie Price and her disabled son Harvey for a video that showed the England player imitating a TV clip of the youngster.

The apology came on the same day Stokes lost personal sponsor New Balance following his recent arrest over an incident near a Bristol nightclub.

The video emerged following his arrest in September. TV personality Price has called Stokes’ behaviour “disgusting”.

“I foolishly attempted to copy the clip,” Stokes tweeted on Wednesday.

“I should never have done this and I am so sorry.”

The 26-year-old England all-rounder and Test vice-captain added: “It was absolutely not my intention to offend Harvey, Katie or anybody else.

“I have written to both Harvey and Katie to say sorry and prior to this offered to meet in person at the end of last month with a view to also getting behind their petition about online bullying. I do hope I can put this right.”

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