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Victoria Milligan, 45, Appeals For Return Of Three Prosthetic Legs Stolen From Her Car

December 1, 2017

A woman who lost a leg in a speedboat accident has appealed for her prosthetic limbs to be returned after they were stolen from her car.

Victoria Milligan, 45, is unable to work or exercise after her running blade and two other prosthetics were taken by thieves on mopeds in Fulham, west London, on Sunday.

Milligan, a personal trainer, lost the leg in an incident in 2013 in which her husband, Nick, 51, and eight-year-old daughter, Emily, were killed.

“I want to appeal to the thieves, I really need to get my legs back,” she said. “They’re of no use to them whatsoever and have no resale value.

“I just hope they dump them somewhere. They’re not going to fit anyone else, they’re very expensive but are totally useless to anyone but me.

“I can’t really work or exercise, I’ve got my everyday leg, but it’s nothing compared to my blade. It’s so frustrating, it takes three months to have them remade.”

The artificial limbs, worth £30,000, were in a light grey Eastpak wheelie suitcase that was stolen with another bag containing a laptop and clothing.

Two men reportedly smashed the windows of Milligan’s car in Michael Road while she was in a nearby restaurant. Police have appealed for anyone who witnessed the incident to come forward.

Insp Darren Desa described the theft as “heinous” and said: “I would also appeal to anyone who knows where the prosthetic legs are to do the right thing and hand them in to police or inform police where they are. They are of no use to anyone but the victim.”

Milligan, who was the managing director of Sky’s advertising sales division, died with his daughter in the Camel estuary in Cornwall when the family of six were thrown into the water as the speedboat turned sharply, before circling dozens of times and hitting them at high speed.

Anyone with information can call the Metropolitan police on 101 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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