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Ten Thousand Posts!!!

June 6, 2018

Yes, readers, another milestone has been reached today by Same Difference.

Just before our 11th birthday in a couple of weeks, this tiny little article is our 10,000th published post.

It’s a tiny fraction of the massive World Wide Web. The World Wide Web will forget it tomorrow. But we will remember it forever, because to us, it means the world.

We often use our milestone posts to thank you, readers. This one is no exception.

THANK YOU ALL. If we had no readers, we wouldn’t have written ten posts- 10,000 would never have even crossed our minds.

We’ve covered so many topics in our 10,000 posts. Love, loss, romance, rants, progress (and the lack of it) the arts, politics, and so much more. Disability is everywhere. We hope you see that when you look through our growing archives.

When we wrote our first post, Tony Blair was Prime Minister. Our focus has been forced to change as Governments and Prime Ministers have come and gone, and made policies that have directly affected our lives as disabled people and carers. We didn’t start out to be a political site, but now our focus is firmly on politics, especially welfare reforms.

But, readers, that is only because we always track the kinds of posts you read the most. That is only because our statistics and your discussions in our comments tell us that those are the topics you want to read about, and the ones that you care about the most.

However, we still do what we started out to do 10,000 posts ago. We still celebrate the amazing achievements of disabled people. Just three days ago, the final of Britain’s Got Talent showed the mainstream world what we have been trying to show them from our very beginning.

Given a chance, and the right support, disabled people can do anything they find interesting. Sometimes, we might just win the final, but even if we don’t, we all deserve the chance to try to do anything we like.

So, we use this post of celebration to say- please don’t give up. Disabled people, try your best to do anything you like. Carers, families, friends- please support us in our dreams. Your support means more than you realise- and you never know what your support might enable the disabled person in your life to do.

We hope we’ll have much more to celebrate over our next 10,000 posts!!



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