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Woman With IQ Of 49 Forced Into Marriage

August 3, 2018

A woman with the mental age of a seven-year-old child was married in a UK register office despite repeated warnings to police, social services and immigration officials.

The forced marriage took place in 2012 after her stepfather was allegedly paid £20,000 by the family of a Pakistani man who was having trouble getting a visa.

A registrar reported serious concerns about the woman’s welfare after the wedding day, including that her mother had slapped her in the face to get her to smile for a photograph. It later emerged that the authorities were already aware of the case and police had allowed the marriage to go ahead as officers believed that “no crime had been committed”.

Council officials also permitted it as they were “concerned about being seen not to have taken into account the cultural background”, according to court documents.

The woman has an IQ of 49, compared with an average of 100 for healthy adults. This score is extremely low and suggests significant developmental delays in childhood.

She was raped by her Pakistani husband and they had a child, who was taken into care after the birth. When the case was heard at the High Court in 2013, Mrs Justice Parker declared: “She does not have the capacity to consent to marriage. To inflict pregnancy and childbearing on a person who cannot consent is about as gross a physical interference as can be imagined.”

The woman, referred to in court as PM, was brought up in England as a Sikh but her mother married a Muslim and she was converted to Islam. She was married in an Islamic ceremony to her stepfather’s nephew but this was ended after he could not get a visa. She was then married to a cousin on her mother’s side who came to England but they were divorced in India because he said he had not been told about her learning disability.

In November 2011, when PM was 35, she was married for a third time in a Muslim ceremony in the UK to a Pakistani aged 33 who was in the country on a student visa that had expired two months earlier. She was raped and impregnated and her family started the process of having her married in a register office. The abuse occurred despite social services having been involved for ten years.

Before the wedding, concerns were raised by a registrar who reported that when she interviewed PM she was “obviously learning disabled, spoke in a ‘simplistic way’ and was confused about her husband’s name”.

An anonymous call also came in to the council saying that her stepfather was being paid £20,000 for the marriage. The registrar reported the case to UK Visas and Immigration because of an “overwhelming concern that the man was marrying PM for a visa”. A doctor assessed her and found she could not consent to marriage. However, a superintendent registrar later intervened, saying that she “was concerned about being seen not to have taken into account the cultural background and PM’s right to marry”. The authorities then appear to have been duped after the family had got a note “from a local paediatrician who may have had some connection with the family”, claiming the woman understood the concept of marriage.

Describing the case history in court, Mrs Justice Parker added: “The police thought that no crime had been committed because the sexual activity seemed to be consensual.” The marriage in a register office went ahead in February 2012.

After PM gave birth she told social workers that she had been physically and emotionally abused by her mother and stepfather. The baby is now in care.

Mrs Justice Parker found PM did not have capacity to consent to marriage or sex and should not live with the man she was forced to marry. She said the woman was still “being used” by the Pakistani man to stay in the UK, as he argues that being made to live abroad would breach his right to family life with his wife and child.

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  1. August 3, 2018 7:07 pm

    So those “Hostile Environment” Hate Criminal Filth just Wilfully Neglected all of their Public Duties until someone pointed out that they could DEPORT someone.
    Racist Abusing Hate Criminal Nonce Filth.

    >”An anonymous call also came in to the council”
    Which gang of vermin?

    >”claiming the woman understood the concept of marriage.”
    Is that the same excuse council vermin use when they rape seven year olds?

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