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DWP Downgrades How MSPs Can Contact Them Over The Holidays

August 8, 2018

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  1. August 8, 2018 10:23 am

    So Miss “I read every comment”… samedifference1 ‘read’ this –

    and STILL published the above EVIDENCE free FAKE politics garbage.

    This “NUJ Journalist” ‘story’ is Ctrl-C from here –

    With a load of Fake anti-english, National-Socialist rhetoric tagged on the end.

    How come this “journalist” doesn’t know that his Scottish Government EMPLOYS ATOS –
    “Atos works with the Scottish Government”

    and CAPITA –

    Here is what BSing faker ATOS and CAPITA employing MSP Linda Fabiani was vomiting out way back in 2012 –

    Vulnerable Adult Abuse, Fraud, Misconduct, Torture, Murder….
    So where are it’s Scottish Police???

    Oh Right –
    “Policing from Capita” –

    And Scottish LABOUR LOVES CAPITA even more than the SNP –

    Read more at:

    Fake News Fake Politics Total BS.

    • August 8, 2018 11:41 am

      All you ever do is criticise my site. So why do you read it? So many find my articles useful. No one makes you read them if you dont.

      • August 8, 2018 3:35 pm

        Sorry.. I do LOVE that you don’t censor my comments…

        The fact that you actually allow criticism (er.. correction, evidence, facts, proof) on your site is proof that samedifference is, AFAIK, the ONLY site worth reading on anything to do with disability…

        >”So many find my articles useful.”
        AND the comments from people who are actually willing to look behind the curtain.

        Try finding another site that will even allow a link to something as basic as –
        The Fraud Act 2006 – – got so tired of blocking links to laws and actual evidence that they removed comments about their propaganda and PR completely. – even censor links to UN Conventions on Torture and Disabled Persons Rights –

        Labour Party supporters get people they hate blocked from twitter with their lies –

        Maybe once you have had a WCA assessment (and if the Quack defrauds you) you’ll be less willing to take everything you read at face value?

        You’ll certainly be able to fight them far more effectively than if you had just had the endless stream of – ‘Just Roll Over And Die’ or ‘Gimme Your Cash’ Fake advice.


  1. DWP Downgrades How MSPs Can Contact Them Over The Holidays — Same Difference | sdbast

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