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EyeControl- Giving Voice To UK MND/ALS Patients

August 17, 2018

Your support of this campaign will allow us to gift EyeControl devices to people with ALS in the UK. Whatever amount is raised, we will match so that a person with ALS in your close community can enjoy state-of-the-art communication technology with their families and caregivers. You can choose to give EyeControl to a named individual (we will match your 1,000GBP) or choose to support a neighbour within your community. Any support is valuable – help us give a voice to the voiceless.

ALS is a vicious disease that eventually strips people of the ability to speak or move, though it does not affect a person’s cognitive abilities. 

People with ALS suffer from locked-in syndrome, a rare neurological disorder in which there is complete paralysis of all voluntary muscles except for the ones that control the movements of the eyes, making communication possible only through eye movements or blinking.

We decided to create a simple-to-use and more affordable device that gives locked-in patients a voice. The device does not require the use of a screen and has a short learning curve.

In August 2014 the Ice Bucket Challenge phenomenon raised millions towards ALS research and we would like August 2018 to be all about the gift of communication to people with ALS.

Your support of this campaign will allow us to gift an EyeControl device to a person with ALS. We will match all funds raised so that a person with ALS in your close community can enjoy state-of-the-art communication technology with their families and caregivers.

Powered by AI technology, EyeControl is a wearable healthtech device on a mission to give a voice to the voiceless.

As the world’s first wearable continuous communication device, EyeControl gives locked-in patients a renewed sense of independence by enabling them to constantly and easily communicate with their family, friends and caregivers. The screenless device utilizes an innovative eye-tracking technology to offer immediate, around-the-clock communication, and is simple to use. It provides a communication solution in crucial moments where no other options are available.

The EyeControl is the world’s first AI-powered, wearable eye tracking device, enabling 24/7 immediate communication and the ability to communicate in various situations that alternative solutions have not been able to accommodate. It enables patients to communicate immediately upon waking, while in the bathroom, indoors, outdoors and even while traveling. The EyeControl is screen free, which lowers the cost and is simple to use, requiring very little training time.

“It’s not easy being an ALS patient, but the most critical struggle is the struggle to communicate. Communication is a life saver.”    

– Shay Rishoni (1966-2018), former President of Prize4Life & EyeControl co-founder

We are excited to be working in conjunction with the local professional organizations in the UK who will nominate members in their region to receive a device.  You will have an option to choose your geographic region so that that a device goes to someone in your local community or you can choose to gift a device to a person with ALS in the UK.


If you know someone with ALS that you believe could benefit from the device – you can choose to gift a device specifically to them. Make sure to let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements.

We expect to begin distribution of the device by the end of this year.

Please help us give the gift of communication to people with ALS from your community.

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  1. August 17, 2018 3:17 pm

    More BS from

    >”Powered by AI technology”

    rrrrrrreally? (alarm bells and red flags)

    >”This campaign has built only a working demo of their product, not the final product.”
    >”Product development challenges may affect the campaign owner’s ability to ship the product to backers.”

    IF they actually make a product it costs $1300 UDS (£1000)


    Windows 10 eye control is a FREE download –

    Eye control supports the following eye tracking devices

    (the older ones are more expensive or no longer available)

    Tobii Eye Tracker 4C – ~£120
    Tobii EyeX – ~£99
    Tobii Dynavox PCEye Plus – ~$1400
    Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Mini – ~$3295
    Tobii Dynavox EyeMobile Plus
    Tobii Dynavox PCEye Mini – $900
    Tobii Dynavox PCEye Explore –
    Tobii Dynavox I-Series+ –
    Selected laptops and monitors that include eye tracking integrations

    Stuff you can get right now.

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