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Stansted Airport Apologises To Anne Wafula Strike

August 30, 2018

Stansted airport has apologised to the Paralympian and disability rights campaigner Anne Wafula Strike after she was left stranded on a Ryanair flight on her return from the World Para Athletics European championships in Berlin on Friday.

Airport staff failed to meet her flight to take her off the aircraft and she was left waiting for 45 minutes with plane’s crew. She said that being abandoned on the plane had left her “profoundly distressed”.

When Wafula Strike was finally taken off the plane she was forced to wait more than an hour in the luggage hall before she could retrieve her luggage – longer than the duration of the Berlin-to-Stansted flight.

Stansted airport has now issued an apology to Wafula Strike and said that the level of service she had received at the airport was “unacceptable”.

Wafula Strike welcomed the apology but said that more needed to be done to prevent repeats of this kind of incident.

A London Stansted airport spokesperson said: “We were disappointed to hear about Ms Wafula Strike’s experience at London Stansted on Friday evening and we apologise for the unacceptable level of service received on this occasion. We will be contacting Ms Wafula Strike directly to offer our apologies and discuss the situation further. We immediately began an investigation to fully understand what took place, and to ensure measures are taken to avoid delays like this in the future.

“The additional wait for baggage was due to severe weather across Europe resulting in significant delays to some aircraft landing at Stansted, which impacted baggage handling delivery times for a number of our passengers. We are working with our airlines to ensure processes are in place to improve the service passengers receive at Stansted airport following disruption.”

Initially, both Ryanair and Stansted airport suggested that responsibility for the incident may lie with OmniServ, a company that provides assistance for disabled passengers at the airport. However, when the airport began its investigation into what had happened to Wafula Strike they found that OmniServ had done nothing wrong.

An OmniServ spokesperson said: “We highly empathise with Anne Wafula Strike and are focused on ensuring positive experiences for all passengers with a disability and reduced mobility.”

Wafula Strike said: “I accept the apology from Stansted airport. But the next step is how do we fix this problem. I know I’m not the first person who this has happened to, but it would be good if I’m the last.”

Wafula Strike received media coverage last year when she went public about an accessible toilet on a train being out of order, forcing her to wet herself because she was on a long journey.

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  1. August 30, 2018 7:46 am

    No Z-list ‘celebrities’ or FAKE ‘disability rights campaigners’ in any of these stories –

    Royal Cornwall Hospital ‘neglected’ woman who died in A&E –

    ‘Where is the respect?’ Grandad with brain tumour blasts benefits assessor after ‘being asked to do a headstand’ –

    The DWP was just forced to reveal that 100 (disability) benefit claimants a day have been dying on its watch –

    Man who ‘died for 10 minutes’ due to severe heart problems has disability benefit cut to £20 a week –

    Woman with terminal cancer had to walk to doctor’s appointment on crutches after mobility car was taken away –

    Tories spend £200MILLION fighting to stop sick and disabled people getting benefits –

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