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Can You Be Sexy And Disabled?

September 13, 2018

Social media star and wheelchair user Annie Segarra started #hotpersoninawheelchair after being constantly discriminated for being disabled.

Annie believes a higher representation of people with disabilities in the public spotlight will help to significantly reduce these levels of discrimination.

On YouTube, Annie is known for discussing issues ranging from sexuality, body image and mental health.

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  1. September 13, 2018 2:03 pm

    I’m sure the holistic needs of individuals has importance to us all. However, I joined this group primarily for the serious and immediate problem of disabled mistreatment within the Work Capability Assessment or Personal Independence Payments Assessment process. This mistreatment is hastening death due to stress, or indeed leading to suicide, for a significant number of people. Those suffering to the point where they might die before their time must be a primary focus.

    Sexy, is an entirely overused and imprecise abstract construct. Some people have unusual tastes which might be considered sexy, though the tastes are as said a departure from the norm with regard to what is attractive. Can you be sexy is both shallow and imprecise. Can some people fuck you might easily be answered with yes, but whether that deals with your holistic well-being is another question. Some people will fuck anything, and some may even want to have a novelty ride; do you really want to be intimate with such people on such a basis?

    As to whether you can be considered attractive in the broader sense, there are certain qualities which are considered important. Youth, health, vitality, intellect, kindness, strength, wealth, and individual considerations like shared interests, are important in building a nurturing lifelong relationship. Disabled people might well lack many of these by the misfortune of their disability. Disabled people might also lack the more subtle ideas, like shared interests, by the exclusion inherent within the current society, and indeed from the persecuting government policies and processes mentioned in the first paragraph.

    To add to these barriers to a real nurturing and loving lifelong commitment, we might well include the people who think of sexyness and shallow immediate gratification as important. Knowing you have someone who loves you despite any little imperfection, knowing that person as your friend as well as companion, is far more valuable and far more illusive. That though is true of people who are considered able bodied and without mental defect as much as it is disabled people.

    There is beauty & indeed value in every one of us, but that is beyond the shallow facade of our physical aspect.

    In any event, something of worth is never built upon the shallow, or indeed on something less than honesty when appreciating a situation. I’m a middle aged bedbound physically disabled person with severe depression and total isolation from the world; indeed despite my bedbound situation ATOS (Independent Assessment Services) have decided with no small level of spite and cruelty, to assess me as being able to walk fifty yards. This type of decision which further disadvantages and isolates people so they may never get beyond superficial contact with others, or indeed foster common interests.

    • September 13, 2018 3:37 pm

      Benefits and related issues are always my primary focus. However this site has something for everyone. I cover all disability issues.

      • September 14, 2018 1:20 pm

        I now way am I anything but appreciative of the work you are doing. Disabled people are not a homogenous group any more than people in general. I am sure this young lady is doing what she thinks is best given her circumstances; though again, love has value, simple sexual usage has little to no value.

        If you are covering all disability issues, I think an issue which might be suitable to mention is that of the underlying ideas which lead to austerity. An understanding of Modern Monetary Theory might benefit us all.

        I did write a paper which involved mention of the subject in 2013. It’s online here:
        I am no longer in the Green Party or indeed any political party. I am a community member of Unite though I don;t get anywhere anymore so am not involved in anything of note.

        If you are open to the idea I would very much like to write a full explanation as to why Austerity is nonsense, and include it on this website. Taking away the supposed rational basis for the excuse for mistreating anyone, disabled or otherwise, would to my mind be something of worth. Having that understood by as many people as possible might do something to counter the lies heard daily in the media.

  2. September 13, 2018 6:27 pm

    I sort of agree with both of you…

    But look at the source of this fluff ‘story’…


    BBC – EMPLOYED and protected Jimmy Savile –

    So how many of the BBCs ‘Jimmy Savile fanclub’ LOVE to see videos of “sexy” disabled people? (with one had down their pants).

    Robert –

    “ATOS (Independent Assessment Services) have decided with no small level of spite and cruelty, to assess me as being able to walk fifty yards.”

    Checkout –

    Fraud by false representation (up to 10 years in prison) –


    Misconduct in Public Office (up to Life in prison) –

    (Meaning of Public Function) Human Rights Act 1998 –

    • September 14, 2018 1:11 pm

      Thank you, moons of Mars. I’m actually a lawyer, though a lawyer who is bedbound and finding it difficult just to breath. I have a Diploma in Nursing, so I know what they are doing is wrong and how many levels they are wrong on. They produce False Instruments as a matter of course.

      I am simply tired and unwell, hence the ideal victim of their actions. I know it is often the case. I have been mentioned in the Independent, The way this country is developing us a grave concern to anyone who cares for their compatriots.

      Many disabled people suffer, and I know many are reluctant to make any form of public complaint. This is because they are increasingly victims of hate crime from a society which is fed entirely untrue information about debt, deficits, and austerity. The disabled population, and those who care for them, probably need to form some kind of grouping which might give them the strength to do something about the harm being caused.

      I appreciate your kind response, thank you.

      • September 14, 2018 3:29 pm

        Well – PhobosAndDeimos
        Gods of Fear and Panic… (seemed appropriate, if long winded, for PTSD)
        Moons of Mars… (because their war is upon us)

        “The disabled population, and those who care for them, probably need to form some kind of grouping”

        They’re called ‘DPOs’ – Disabled Peoples Organisations.

        and ***ALL*** of them are completely full of sh*t.

        They’re either Criminal Fake ‘charities’ Bribed directly by UK National/Regional/Local Government (Mind, DRUK, Scope, Inclusion London…..)
        Individual Criminals Bribed those Fake DPOs to spread their Government Fake News (DNS, fakebook / twatter BS-ers….)
        Goose stepping POLITICAL lowlife, chanting their Fuhrer’s Total BS. (DPAC…)

        After TEN YEARS of HATE CRIME and MURDER here is what those BS-ers are doing this week… yet more hot air –

        “Thank you, moons of Mars. I’m actually a lawyer, though a lawyer who is bedbound and finding it difficult just to breath. I have a Diploma in Nursing, so I know what they are doing is wrong and how many levels they are wrong on. They produce False Instruments as a matter of course.”

        Er… Ok…
        So Call, Email, Text, Twit, the Police Then.

        “They produce False Instruments”
        A genuine document full of a WCA Quacks lies would be Fraud?
        A fake, edited, incomplete version of that document would be a “False Instruments” (aka Forgery)? right?
        Either way Misconduct in Public Office (up to Life in prison).

      • September 14, 2018 6:35 pm

        A false instrument is a document presented to a person acting in a government function which is in its creation intentionally false. There’s two parts to any crime, the Actus Reus, which is the guilty act of doing something, and the Mens Rea, which is the guilty mind, the intention to do the act. In the case of the false instrument it is taken to be enough that you presented the false instrument, without intention at the time of presenting, though it does require some intention in the creation of the document (knowingly false).

        About twelve years ago, when I was still getting out and going to court, I had a case involving a Polish driver who had been driving beyond the number of hours allowed on the tachograph. His British bosses knew they were forcing him to drive excess hours, and when he raised this with the Polish speaking controller of deliveries he was given a letter from his bosses. The letter, taken off him and given renewed each week, was something they told him to give to the police; he couldn’t read it.

        The letter said he had just returned from two weeks holiday, and therefore didn’t have his last two weeks Tachographs to present. Sadly with the Polish driver being clueless about the content of the letter, or the legal ramifications, he handed over all his schedules and tachographs with the letter to the police. In doing so proving the letter to be a false instrument. The circus judge in question knew that legally the offence was complete without the need for the driver to know what he was doing. The judge didn’t however to my mind consider the circumstances when sentencing, giving the driver a fine equivalent to four months wages, and a driving ban of four months to add to that. I know the maximum sentence was ten years in gaol, but I still think what he got was harsh, especially since no effort was made to try and prosecute his bosses for their part.

        In any event, it is unlikely to be the case that the police will prosecute anyone in ATOS. My dad was a copper, a charge sergeant for 17 years, and I know things have changed a lot. The government is corrupt beyond belief, and they not only underfund, but are quite capable of decreasing funds further if a particular police service does anything to harm their corrupt ways. In my dad’s day of course the coppers also prosecuted the offence themselves, and now its decided by the DPP; and their decision making is somewhat questionable to say the least.

        In essence a political answer, distasteful as politics is, is the real solution. Those who with haughty bearing who try to act superior when voting Conservative need to begin to feel the shame of doing so. The disabled community needs to work together for this to happen. Not together with someone who wants power (and who are often not disabled or minimally so) using the problems for their own gain. Someone who, to put it bluntly, knows how to explain things properly, and who at the same time doesn’t give a fuck if they are attacked in the same manner as Corbyn for doing so.

        Whether that will happen is quite another thing. Disabled people are only really grouped together by disability in such circumstances, they are a diverse group when it comes to all other aspects. There are absolute selfish bastards in the disabled community in the same way as any other community. Though I am only disabled myself having broken my back and neck as a soldier, I have a sister a year older than me who has been learning disabled from birth, and I know disabled people have all the varieties of greed, selfishness, manipulative dishonesty, etc that you have anywhere else. Disabled people are just the same as anyone else.

        What is needed is a group with political effort not for power or similar, but with the political effort to publicise as a constant stream, a constant effort to impress upon those self interested politicians the need for the things which are happening to stop and to attack any politician who doesn’t see the need for change. John Kenneth Galbraith once said that politicians don’t lead change, they often only notice when the parade is in full swing then jump out to try and look like they were always with that cause; we need to have some sort of true effort to create that public opinion so the self interested might decide to follow it. I know it’s difficult since an actual parade is not something disabled people are able to partake in, but some form of movement is needed/

        Of course that is unlikely to happen, the main focus seems to be on getting celebrity status for some disabled people, and celebrate para-Olympians, rather than constantly publicising the ongoing genocide. Those who might speak on radio stations and honestly express the opinion of what is actually happening will almost certainly not be asked back to speak again; that privilege will be left to shiny happy disabled people talking about sexyness.

  3. September 15, 2018 1:47 am

    Ah sorry. I was only aware of ‘False Instrument’ Re –
    Forgery and Counterfeiting Act –

    Erm… Well the Polish driver could have got a mate (or Google) to translate the letter he was given. Poland is in the EU? don’t they have the same (or very similar) laws? Did the Polish drivers dog also eat his homework?

    “In any event, it is unlikely to be the case that the police will prosecute anyone in ATOS.”

    Of course, totally bent cops…
    Report it to the Police anyway… record, scan, screenshot everything… Publish and OUT the bent criminal Fu*kers.

    No offence but….
    Politics is just belief and opinion.
    Economics is just belief and opinion.

    Get actual *evidence*… Publish and OUT the bent criminal Fu*kers.
    (and let the criminals know that you are doing it)

    “shiny happy disabled people talking about sexyness.”
    So true.

    I’m too sexy for my shirt –

  4. September 15, 2018 4:26 pm

    Not ‘Sexy’ Enough –

    Cancer dad ‘whose benefits were cut because he could make tea’ dies with ‘just £8 in bank account’ –

    PIP cuts could put life of autistic woman Lizzie Graham ‘in danger’ –

    Housing Executive boss admits people in Derry are dying before their housing needs are met –

    Lothian schools for disabled kids investigated by abuse inquiry-

    The Government Threatened To Deport This Man With Learning Disabilities Because They Didn’t Believe He Could Be Gay –

    ‘They treat sick people like criminals’: Woman with MS says benefits assessor insisted she stood up three times despite pain –

    Disabled woman in Norwich left stranded after being refused access to bus –

    NHS Highland accused of ‘bullying’ man into care home –

    Watchdog raps Norfolk County Council after disabled boy’s social care needs were not met for 18 months –

    Council rapped over blue badge refusal –

    Families furious with council for unexpected disabled care bills –

    City council failed severely disabled girl during Derby school strikes –

    Woman who needs 18 painkillers a day to walk sick of being harassed for using disabled bays –

    Workmen removed from site after allegation they hurled abuse at disabled lad –

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